You’re doing the wrong sort of football politics man!

30 11 2013

Earlier this week Celtic’s Green Brigade made this display;


A few weeks ago Manchester City were playing CSKA Moscow in the City of Manchester Stadium and a “Free Pussy Riot” banner was unfurled.

Manchester City v CSKA Moscow, UEFA Champions League, Group D, Etihad Stadium, Manchester, Britain - 05 Nov 2013

The Green Brigade’s display lead to UEFA instigating “disciplinary proceedings against Celtic for what it describes as ‘an illicit banner of a non-sporting nature’. In turn, Celtic Football Club released a statement on Wednesday announcing that it intends to hunt down those fans responsible for ‘showing clear disrespect’.”

The banner at Man City “was taken down by stewards” because as a Uefa spokesman says “banners of political message or meaning were not allowed at its games.”  “Death to illicit banners!!!” says Platini and who could disagree with him?

Whether or not you agree with banner based political sentiments the offending fans should have known that they were going to offend civilization by using the wrong sort of politics. If the fans were going to do anything visual they should have created something akin to Rangers’ poppy display from a few weeks ago;


Rangers managed to pull this off without UEFA mentioning illicit banners or their club chief executive “hitting out” or their manager’s heart sinking or the Daily Mail claiming there was  A hardcore of fans out of control and a board at a loss what to do“. Even though the display had the connivance of the club nothing was said or done. This is the beauty of using the right sort of politics.

The “right sort of politics” are the politics that aren’t “political”, the politics that merely reflect the way things are in our society. The most acceptable sort of politics are the politics related to the control of money and the creation of oligarchical structures.

Let me furnish you with some examples of the right sort of politics in football;

  • Pichside adverts in Europe-wide competitions for Russian Gas companies and banks that offers internships for “Investment Banking, Fund Wrapping & Repackaging Equity” .
  • Hearts, Blackpool and Newcastle innocently advertising a payday loan company on their shirts.
  • Cheap Nepalese human beings dying so that a dictatorship has some stadiums for a world cup it’s “won”
  • Managing the brand identities for FIFA and FIFA events, ensuring a consistent and aspirational brand image.”.

Come on football fans, get your politics right!




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2 12 2013

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