Les Davies once scored against Gibraltar don’t you know.

24 11 2013

Gibraltar’s national football played their first “proper” match last week. The emergence of UEFA’s newest member understandably created some interest.

Members of the XXXXXXXXX Jet Set are always one step in front so it won’t surprise you to know that we saw Gibraltar’s national team play FIVE YEARS AGO. During the match Gibraltar had to deal with a Bangor City legend (I use the term “legend” in the correct manner), a player that was soon to become one of the Europe’s Top 32 players, Les Davies.


Not only did Les score, as you can see from the following photo Gibraltar were so short of players back then that they had to pick people with footballs for heads.


Gibraltar picked such people for reasons of gamesmanship, something you can see in the photo. Gibraltar used these players to slow down play at throw ins because they had no idea when the ball was being thrown in their direction. At first it was quite comical to watch them frantically trying to grasp thin air, after the third occasion it became rather irritating, especially when some throw ins took as long as two minutes.

I hope they’ve dropped such ungallant behavior.




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