Some videos are better than others

17 11 2013

BT Sport have made a short documentary about FC United;

It’s nice that a capitalist enterprise is prepared to offer an alternative view of football and a club like this;

Nov 16 035

The BT video is certainly better than the videos that reflect values of corporate football, like this video of Puma clients;

It’s certainly better than “Footy Top 10s” that pollute youtube. You’ll know the format from the telly; gobshite comedians offering a showreel of contrived personalities in order to prove just how much better they are than the rest of us. Behold this hackneyed talking heads bollocks in the “TOP 10 TRANSFER FLOPS EVER EVER EVER“;

I love the way that we just have to accept that Kaka is the worst ever transfer because some journalists have googled some clichés. I wonder if “Eddy Brimson, writer, comedian” is a different Eddy Brimson from “Eddy Brimson, author of hooligan porn“.

Without further ado here’s the “TOP 10 MADDEST MOMENTS IN FOOTBALL EVER EVER EVER EVER“;

And now for the crème de la menthe of Top 10 football list videos; “TOP 10 BEARDED FOOTBALLERS EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER’. Not only are all the talking heads gobshite comedians hilariously one of them has a hilarious beard!!!;

If these videos prove anything it’s that we need even more comedians being paid to remember stuff and then offer smart-alecky attitudes they’ve nicked from Mock the Week.

If you can’t handle a Top 10? Well sit back and let the overenthusiastic tit in a disgusting Hollister shirt guide us through the Top 5 Worst Football Injustices EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER, NO COMEBACKS!!!” (Brought to us by Kick TV).

I’m sure these people would be happier if they just stopped pretending to be in to the footy.




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