Last weekend

24 10 2013
Bangor City 0 Airbus UK Broughton 1
Welsh Premier League

This script that this match was based upon has become a cliché for Bangor fans this season. Again Bangor were generally composed, again they were dangerous when they went forward and yet again some slight defensive sloppiness proved decisive.

I am yet to feel downhearted about Bangor’s situation for I know the truth. I know that football is a cruel taskmaster, a harsh mistress and a unforgiving bastard. I know that you just have to accept that you have to put your neck on the grindstone and your shoulder on the line and just get on with it, so that’s what I’m doing.

oct 19 005

Witton Albion 2 FC United 2
FA Trophy

The only downside of the rather pleasant excursion between Chester and Northwich was the legroom-free train, I probably would have developed Deep Vein Thrombosis if I’d remained on the train until Manchester.

After a short promenade to the Help For Heroes stadium, yes Witton’s ground really is called the “Help For Heroes Stadium” yes, I don’t know why they just didn’t call it the “Daily Mail Arena” and be done with it?

They even had military merchandise on tables and a military display corner in the clubhouse, they were even knocking out Help for Heroes mementoes in the club shop / club museum. The charm of the club museum was slightly lessened by the fact it was in the “Help For Heroes Stadium”. What is it with the unquestioned militarisation of our society? Being made to feel perennially guilty by the wrong people for the wrong reasons really grates my nerve endings.

Considering both clubs’ kits were made by the same manufacturer the contrast was remarkable; FC United’s kit spoke of tradition and style, Witton’s kit had a shadow badge woven in to the shirt’s fabric. Rather interestingly both sides contained an ex-Bangor player; FC United had Liam Brownhill and Witton had Kyle Wilson (also an ex-FC player), even more interestingly at half time I waited to allow the ex-Bangor player Rhodri Giggs to go through a gateway.

The first half was goalless but enlivened by the atmosphere behind the goal. Sadly I gained a feeling that there may be a little bit of ill-feeling towards FC United from certain quarters. Several stewards were just hanging around in that less than subtle stewards’ manner of theirs then a Witton fan standing not far from me tried to alter an FC United song by adding the lines “You’ve got no history and no ground”. I would have shot him dead with “and they don’t play at the Help For Heroes Stadium either lad” but I let the remark slide.

The second half was goals, goals, goals. Kyle scored for Witton after a minute of the second half. FC equalised with a fantastic free kick – Thanks to the celebratory smoke flare I knew what it felt like to be on the Parisian barricades in May 1968. The acrid red smoke penetrated every visible pore – FC went in front through a flowing move that was ended by a brilliant sidefooted volley. Witton equalised with a last-minute penalty just as the tropical rain began. It wasn’t a bad match all in all, and there was a lovely rainbow above Northwich station as I left.

oct 19 014

oct 19 028

oct 19 030

oct 19 038

oct 19 045



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