Football is ace, Part 2

22 10 2013

23. Football Clubs mean something

A week last Saturday I was waiting outside Nantporth for a lift to Carmarthen. Having time to kill I went to have a look at the wall of fans’ bricks.

Oct 12 012

I’ve seen plenty of supporters’ walls in my time and I was at the Supporters’ Association meeting where we decided to create a fans’ wall, and it was hardly the first time that I’d seen the bricks yet I’d obviously failed to connect our idea to it’s potential image in Bangor. During that morning’s time killing I began to see things more clearly.

When I gazed at the wall that morning something clicked; I finally realized that I was looking at a profound expression about the community of Bangor and something that highlights the symbiotic relationship between a football club and a community of people. You can see the ties of friendship and community in the nicknames that feature on the bricks.

Every brick is redolent of the connection between the club and the city; fans of every age and background are represented, as are generations of family members. There are even memorials to well-loved people. It is staggering to comprehend the experiences that the wall symbolises.

It’s staggering to contemplate the memories that the people featured on the wall would have. They will have seen our glorious European history featuring Napoli, Atletico and all the rest, they will have been to Wembley, they will have seen epic Welsh Cup runs, they will have seen Bangor play all over England and Wales. The people would have many a tale to tell about all the memorable matches, goals and friendships. It is quite humbling to realise that you’re a small part of such a historical procession.

When you think of some of the clubs in the Welsh system the wall makes you grateful that you’re a Bangor fan. The other clubs may have the success but they don’t have the ties to a community like Bangor has.



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