So why exactly are you against That Modern Football? Part 13

20 10 2013

51. A fan that wants to be a “LEDGE!!!!!!”

To underline what I wrote in Part 12, here’s a picture from yesterday that shows some Cardiff fans thinking they’re funny;

banner 1

(Thanks to Phil for sharing this photo on twitter)

Even if you’re charitable and overlook the fact that they probably should have used “CAME” instead of “CUM” this banner is still a complete horror.

You can see the problem that these people faced a few weeks ago; they desperately wanted a banner that would announce them as “legends” but were bereft of ideas. It was lucky that one of them remembered a two year old facebook status.

Look at the banner and imagine the stages it went through; the eureka moment, the decision to turn an idea in to a reality, telling their mates about their idea, telling a message board about their idea, finding a banner manufacturer, spelling the words as they explained their idea in detail to the manufacturer (Well you don’t want to look like a complete moron by getting this kind of thing wrong). Then they paid for it. At no stage in this process did they think that the banner wasn’t a good idea.

If they had wanted to act in a classy manner they should have given thanks to Vincent for introducing premier league football to their deserving bank accounts. They could have made a lovely video like this;

While we’re on the subject of terrible banners, a Manchester United fan made this flags to celebrate “his” club’s big summer signing. What an arsehole.




One response

20 10 2013
Jac o' the North (@JacotheNorth)

Over many years I have noticed that in the chequered history of Cardiff City’s fans a disproportionate number of those starring in legal proceedings have come (cum?) from the Valleys, rather than the city itself.

The background in this photograph suggests that these clowns also hail from one of our post-industrial communities. (The daps are another clue.)

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