Some matches what I went to

18 10 2013
XXX XXX XXXXXX X Bangor City 0
Welsh Premier League

A match happened on this afternoon.

Gap Connah’s Quay Nomads 2 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

I’d like to be able to tell you how Bangor didn’t win this match but my descriptive abilities won’t stretch that far. If an atmosphere is reliant on a group of teenagers trying to be funny in loud voices then give me a void. Bangor virtually controlled the first half and quietened the whining kids by creating an opportunity for an own goal. Christ knows what happened in the second half. Christ knows what happened in the last 5 minutes. Fuck knows what happened in injury time. sep 28 004

FC United 1 Whitby Town 3
Northern Premier League Premier Division

It was the day before the Tory conference in Manchester and dissent was in the air. I almost convinced an evangelical Christian to pay a visit to the conference and make the unholy repent. A woman on the SWP did her best to convince me to return for tomorrow’s demo but she was happy to let me go if I bought a paper. Just before I boarded the tram to Bury I found something that epitomizes everything that’s wrong with that modern football; a chancer with a stall full of “comedy” Fellani wigs and half-half scarves for a normal Manchester United league match.

By the time I’d arrived at the Bury tram depot I realised that I’d made a little bit of a cock-up in the calculations department; there was only half an hour until kick off. Luckily a female comrade was on her way to Gigg Lane and we shared a taxi. She was going to have a good weekend; FC United today, demo tomorrow. Football and politics in one weekend! Sadly I was still too late to experience CYCM but  in time to see FC United lose. Whitby’s striker played like a narcissistic prick as well. What a crap football weekend, I didn’t even have time to buy a packet of monster munch for the train home. sep 28 048

Bangor City 3 Aberystwyth Town 2
Welsh Premier League

The club shop was shrouded in darkness and the first half was a pain in the arse, apart from Les’ pea-rolling thunderbolt of course. The second half was much, much better and we played some nice stuff. Bangor’s second goal was created by a lovely free-flowing one touch move. Aber scored a customary late goal, “comfortable” just isn’t in Bangor’s vocabulary. They would have scored an equaliser if their striker hadn’t made an air shot after the ball had hit the crossbar. It was a bit weird to see Peter Hoy in opposition shirt, especially when he tried to maim Les in the second half. It’s probably a little early to say that Bangor have “turned a corner” but that didn’t stop me considering the thought. OCT 5 017

FC United 1 Marine 0
Northern Premier League Premier Division

I bought a different Socialist paper, from a different stall, today. The stall was in the same position as last week’s stall so I had a look. I noticed that the pamphlets were totally different, then I noticed that the paper they sold used had a different font from normal (you notice these kind of things when you’ve manned a stall). Before I had a chance to think about flouncing off from these obvious splitters the six year old behind the stall disarmed me with a question  “DO YOU WANT TO BUY A BADGE?” As I continued looking she repeated the question; “DO YOU WANT TO BUY A BADGE?” How could I refuse? I bought a couple of badges, a Palestinian solidarity ribbon and a copy of the paper in the end.

Then I saw the SWP stall. If ever a scene explains the problems that socialists create for themselves it was this one; one street, one socialist goal, two different stalls manned by opposing factions. They share the same ideals and vision of a better future under socialism yet they split in to sectarian factions over slight policy disagreements. And another thing ,why don’t their papers cover sport like The Morning Star? This week FC were in Stalybridge which meant a short train journey from Victoria.

The journey to Stalybridge and the walk to the ground were so peaceful I was able to forget about the rugby league fans in shorts and the irritatingly loud hen parties in clichéd sashed bullshit in the city centre.

Stalybridge Celtics’ ground is a “proper” non-league ground, proper terracing, changing rooms not under the stand and a pronounced sloping pitch / stands. I liked watching football there and FC United won.

This weekend was rather better than the last one, I even managed to get a packet of monster munch before I got on the train. OCT 5 061

Carmarthen Town 4 Bangor City 4
Welsh Premier League

The day started so well, a moidering wonderland of a car journey, a feast in another new pub, a pass to get in for nothing and  a few nerve settling pints in the clubhouse. Then Bangor went 2-0 up after about 10 minutes, and Carmarthen’s team had been reduced to 10 players. Then we lost the 2 goal lead.

Fate, that capricious slut, then led us down the garden path. On the surface everything had been righted; Bangor scored again before half time and the second half looked lovely; Carmarthen didn’t get anywhere and Jamie McDaid slotted Bangor’s fourth goal through the keepers’ legs.

Then the capricious slut deserted us in the last four minutes; Carmarthen scored again and then hit an injury time equaliser. Moidering makes you feel better on the surface but it’s never more than a loose mask when you’ve lost (it felt like a loss today). Of course the journey home would have felt rather different if that bloody equaliser hadn’t gone in.

The memory of moidering had faded by the time I was waiting for a bus in Bangor. The nearest pub was full of bloody students speaking “sooooooo like that” at the top of their fucking voices. There were also bloody students type on the bus as well, my headache throbbed until I reached Llandudno.

They say it was always better in my day, when it comes to university they are right, it was better in my day; no-one spoke “sooooooo like that” at the top of their fucking voices, and they didn’t sell ready-made student uniforms in Top Man, and we weren’t escorted round city centres by companies that create the ultimate student parties, and we had grants, and we weren’t pricks. If I was a student in 2013 I would feel like soooooo like……guilty I wouldn’t have the cheek to be like… seen in like…. public. Genius. Oct 12 016




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