Port Talbot and back

20 09 2013
Afan Lido 0 Bangor City 3
Welsh Premier League

The journey down was uncertain as it was difficult to conceptualise just how Bangor would deal with their existential angst today? Would it be the Proustian verve of the Prestatyn match or the Postmodern stodge of the Bala match? Football is nothing without uncertainty.

I was on my own until I met up with Cabs and Phil, and some of the PTT Ultras, in the Grand Hotel but this doesn’t mean I was bored on the way to Port Talbot; in Cardiff I signed a petition against the privatisation of the Post Office and found a pub toilet that Hajduk Split ultras had obviously made their own, who knew graffiti on the back of toilet doors was still a big thing in various places!!!

The pre-match Piri-Piri Chicken Baguette was as expected; worth waiting for. The game was fine, even in the goalless first half we could see that Bangor endeavour to play football “in the right way” and there’s a sense of togetherness.

During today’s first half I almost had an out of body experience when a player actually responded to my bon mots.  I almost felt myself looking down on myself as I felt the full wrath of merely questioning the veracity of a players’ description of events. Matthew Rees described a teammates’ play as “FIRST CLASS” when all he’d done it smash the ball towards Sion in order to clear the ball and assert his virility and masculinity.

I merely offered  “Jesus if that’s first class it’s no wonder that you never made it as a pro is it?” (The word “Dickhead” may, or may not have played a part) as a riposte. Rees’ less than cutting comeback didn’t even make sense; “Yeah I’m not the one who’s come here to watch Bangor am I?” Yeah the joke’s on me, I’m a Bangor fan that goes to watch Bangor.

The second half was great. Anthony Miley scored our first with a header and you could see the team spirit in the celebration. Les scored the second with a penalty and Rob Jones added a third just before the final whistle. After the match we popped over to the Sand Siro to say hello to our PTT comrades. It was a good day all in all.

Sept 7 036

Bangor City 1 Port Talbot Town 1
Welsh Premier League

I’m in a karmic state of equilibrium. I know that it would be nice to have a chance of winning the league. I know that it would be nice to win every game. I know that neither situation will arise this season yet I’m very comfortable with this situation.

We may not have beaten Rhyl or Prestatyn but what does this matter? It didn’t matter that we went behind today, although our equalizer helped. We didn’t score a goal in the second half and it didn’t matter, I was so comfortable with this situation I left in a hopeful haze.

Why am I comfortable? Well I can see that we have something at Bangor, something indefinable, although could define it if I wanted to. This feels great.

sep14a 008

sep14a 017



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