The First Ten Days

6 09 2013
Newtown 0 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

This season’s pre-season was about worrying rather than winning and moaning rather than moidering. Worrying was a natural reaction to the lack of European money and the capricious nature of Bangor’s pre-season form but it wasn’t quite as bad as the obvious message board strirrers tried to make out in their futile attempts at unsettling us. In short, no-one seemed sure about what we were going to get this season.

I certainly wasn’t sure about what to expect from the first match. The tone of our day was disconcerting until kick off, hold-ups on the way and a lack of Bangor fans in the ground when we arrived.

The mood had lightened by kick off; there were plenty of Bangor fans behind the goal and Bangor appeared to be quite slick going forward when football’s poetry stirred us in to action. We created several chances and won several corners before Newtown managed a shot, or a corner, of their own. Maybe this season wasn’t going to be as bad as people feared!! Then Mills-Evans scythed Sion down and the forthcoming season developed a familiar hue.

The second half came from the same scriptwriter, well apart from Mills-Evans’ role; an identical foul on Sion Edwards didn’t result in a second booking. Bangor won more corners. At one point Dec Walker took a “stinging” free kick and if anyone looks like they can strike a ball sweetly it’s him. Jamie McDaid also looked good with a couple of nice shots.

After 75 minutes it all became rather frustrating, Les had a goal disallowed for an unseen reason and the keeper made a fantastic save to deny Les again. Then the keeper handled the ball outside the area but nothing happened. It didn’t appear to be our day, as the time ebbed away, when the sun shined, we should have made football hay.

Then Les scored the winner, yes Les scored the winner. It might not be the terrible season we feared. We were ascending a peak.

AUG 24 003

XXX XXX XXXXXX X Port Talbot Town 0
Welsh Premier League

A match happened on this afternoon.

Several of us (Phil, Cabs, Julian, Dick and Anora) decided to pop along to offer comradeship to the PTT Ultras. Viva PTT!

Bangor City 2 Rhyl 3
Welsh Premier League

We had a little bit of hope after our first match and Rhyl were on a bit of a downer after their first match. The clues were there but fate is a fickle strumpet, and so Rhyl were awarded a penalty in the fourth minute.

This didn’t phase the Bangor collective and we were proved right 3 minutes later when Rob Jones scored with a lovely long shot. Then fate allowed Rhyl to take the lead again. The rest of the first half was thirty six-ish minutes of frustration.

It’s probably safe to say that you won’t win many matches with defensive tentativeness that leads to more opposition goals or an inability to break down  two banks of four, which, incidentally,  is Andy Townsend’s favourite tactical innovation-cum-cliché. You certainly won’t win matches when the two things are combined in a bravura display. Sion’s goal didn’t really matter. We’re in a trough.

Aug 26 009

Bangor City 0 Prestatyn Town 1
Welsh Premier League

If you wanted to label a football match as a travesty then this would be the football match.

Bangor’s defence was so comfortable Prestatyn hardly created any chances, they only scored from a set-piece. Bangor did everything but score, and I mean everything. We crossed and made chances, we went through the middle and created chances, we launched it down the middle and created chances.

We got the ball past the keeper several times but the defence somehow repelled us; several shots were cleared off the line, one or two hit our own players and their keeper made several good saves. That frigging ball wouldn’t go in.

I haven’t even mentioned the inevitably contemptuous approach of Gibson and his merry men. This was a defeat that felt like we were ascending a peak.

aug 30 002

Bala Town 3 Bangor City 1
Welsh League Cup

In a single word, bollocks. In a few words, Bala’s first win, and they’re crap.

We’re in a trough again.

Sep3 008




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