The past is almost a different continent

15 08 2013

*This post is dedicated to the people that bring bags of programmes to the club shops of semi-pro clubs.

In the last issue of Stand AMF there were several articles that mentioned the idea of putting aside the pettiness of club rivalries to focus on securing political change.

In these banter-scarred times such an atmosphere would be so blissful it would rejuvenate the crestfallen and the jaded. The atmosphere would even benefit the users of The Banter as they would be educated in to behaving in a less anti-social fashion.

Once upon a time fans would empathize with one another, god knows how we’ve ended up with a world polluted by The Banter.

Take Hillsborough. if you had used twitter as a social barometer about the tragedy before last September you would have assumed that lot of “football fans” had willingly swallowed the Murdoch / Thatcher / McKenzie position hook line and sinker.

In May 1989 Football fans had a totally different reaction to the disaster, as we can from Charlton’s Voice of the Valley;



There was also empathy from the bottom of the football pyramid too, as this Dartford fanzine shows;


I hope our journey back to civilized times doesn’t take too long.



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