So why exactly are you against Modern Football? Part 6

2 08 2013

And now for the final four succinct reasons…..

18. Someone was motivated to make this sort of banner by football


Besides the overbearing lack of class, the bloke that had the flag made is obviously a stranger to commas. He might as well have commissioned a flag that says “I AM A BIG ANTI-SOCIAL PRICK”.

19. Fans that goad away fans instead of watching the match.


I’ll bet that he wouldn’t like to sit near someone acting like that but then people that act in this way are always the ones with double standards.

20. Fans that dress up for international tournaments


Crusaders with inflatable Spitfires………………..Where do you start?

21. Arsenal Action

To put this simply, Arsenal Action sums up everything that’s wrong with That Modern Football –  “A braying sense of entitlement whilst watching 2 millionaires argue over a throw in.”

Yesterday they tweeted this;

“A very large number of fans have agreed to stand protest to remove Wenger “if “we are not satisfied by the 2nd Sept”

When I was younger football fans could accept the idea that that football trophy can only ever have one winner and move on.


To sum up, I often ask myself whether I would like football if I didn’t already like football. I’m not sure I would any more.



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