So why exactly are you against Modern Football? Part 5

1 08 2013

And yet more………

12. Stan and James

I don’t have an issue with online betting, apart from the occasions when players bet against their clubs of course, it’s the adverts I can’t stand.

Firstly, they are needless because their target audience –  anyone that watches football – can’t help but be aware of online betting. You cannot walk around a ground, or a pub, without bumping in to hopeful men scanning their mobile phones, or having phrases like “Jesus Forest, you’ve let me down again!!” or “For fuck’s sake Spurs you bunch of pricks, I need another goal” screamed down your ears.

Secondly, the characters in the adverts are all irritating beyond exasperation. Whether it’s the excitable Italian commentator, the long-haired ex-Dennis Pennis or the menacing Ray you’re irritated. Take this advert for Stan James in When Saturday Comes,


Have you ever seen a more a slappable expression?

13. Sky Sports News

Yesterday they actually tweeted the following like it was important;

“Gareth Bale arrives at Tottenham training ground – more on the developing story on #SSN

14. Legalised Ticket Touts

On Tuesday a “company” called  2 Do in London  – The people that can get “tickets to sold-out events” like “astonishing Concerts, World Famous Musical and Theatre shows, thrilling Football matches etc etc” –  tweeted this;

Arsenal – Liverpool. 02 November. Emirates Stadium. Tickets from £430 GBP. Call us on 0044-7873-511-504 or Email

And this;

Manchester City – Manchester United. 22 Sept. Tickets from £320 GBP. Phone 0044-7873-511-504 or

15. The abomination that is “The Support Group

16. The media career of Andy Townsend

No explanation is necessary.

17. The rapidly burgeoning media career of Robbie Savage

See number 16.




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