So why exactly are you against Modern Football? Part 3

30 07 2013

Here are more succinct reason to hate That Modern Football

4. “Cloudy Ownership issues”

Read this wonderful article from Futbolgrad to see what I mean.

5. The rise of The Banter


Let’s look at the sentence underneath this picture;

“So, in a week when Kenwyne Jones finds a pig’s head in his locker, and Crystal Palace discover a dirty protest in the changing room at Brighton, we thought we’d look at some of football’s more bizarre moments…..”,  

Now consider it’s connection to the photo and shudder.

6. Fans that pays hundreds of pounds for a banner because they’re annoyed about something for five minutes

Rangers fans made the bottom one, I’d try to explain why it was made but I don’t think I can.



Come on Divvies, if you’re going to spend 150 pounds on a banner remember the simple rule; Banners are life, not just for the times that you’ve allowed the media to make you a little bit angry.

7. Fans on Twitter

There is an account called Football Away Days and this is what they said about Rangers and the flag last Thursday;

@FBAwayDays – Lee Rigby banner being passed around Hillsborough tonight. Great touch.      

@FBAwayDays  – Rangers fans singing 10 German Bombers tonight. Class.

@FBAwayDays  – Class Banner from Rangers. #rfc

As Ferguson once said “Football, Bloody Hell, it’s full of twats”



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