That Modern Football meets Alan Partridge

27 07 2013

In what some are calling “the most talked about transfer of the summer transfer season” Richard Keys and Andy Gray are moving from Talksport. Richard penned something for his personal website to celebrate the move…..

Been in Doha nearly 2 weeks now. Everything and more I hoped for.
What very kind people the Qatari’s are.
This is a wonderful opportunity for both Andy and myself.
After 12 months working for Al Jazeera in London we’re back working in TV full time.
I have to say – with some regret because our time at talkSPORT was such fun. Those guys made us so welcome.
But this is a return to what we know and probably do best. Not just that – it’s like starting all over again.
It’s a huge job. High expectations. High demands. High audiences. And we’re on a high!
We’ll be watching not only English Premier League games
We’re bringing back the ‘real’ Monday Night Football – and as if that’s not enough – there’s Champions League football as well.
In fact, there isn’t much I can think of that we don’t have rights to I’ll be sending reports and pictures as we go.
So much to do – ideas, guest booking. Staffing. But what fun.
We will still be on talkSPORT Friday evenings at 19:00 starting on the 16th August.

I think Harry’s reaction to the news speaks for us all; “Top lads you & Andy. Can’t wait the season to kickoff.” Now that “the ‘real’ Monday Night Football” is returning it looks like the AMF movement is finally winning.




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22 09 2013
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