News Flash!!! Angry morons and their poorly spelled placards can’t come to Llandudno

24 07 2013

I was unaware that the EDL’s Deeside branch wanted to hold a protest in Llandudno until I read this facebook status last week;

“Nazi march in Llandudno on August 10th. Hope someone runs them over with a bus.”

I searched the internet for more information and found this article;

HUNDREDS of far-right activists are expected at a rally on one of the busiest weekends of the summer, prompting fears of violent clashes. North West Alliance Gogledd Cymru, who hold a strict anti-Islam agenda, are holding the demonstration in Llandudno on August 10. Members of other far-right groups such as English Defence League, Scottish Defence League and the North West Infidels are also expected to attend. Some of the town’s pubs have been advised to close for the day. Organiser Mervyn Jones expects up to 1,500 activists to join the demonstration. He said:

“This demonstration is to make people aware of Asian grooming reports we’ve had from members of the public.

“We have got permission from the police for our peaceful protest. EDL, NWI, SDL will all be there, they’re all welcome…….”

I also managed to find the police’s thoughts on the matter;

“Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you in relation to a proposed Protest in Llandudno on Saturday 10th August 2013. I am aware that there has been media coverage surrounding this event which has generated concern amongst residents, and the business community. I am writing to you as a valued member of this community and to provide you with an insight into what North Wales Police and our Partner Agencies are doing.

We are aware of and preparing for a potential planned event by the North Wales Alliance Gogledd Cymru (NWAGC),and that a group known as Unite the Union intend to hold a counter demonstration in Llandudno on the same day. Both groups state their intention is to undertake a peaceful protest. It remains unclear how many will attend either demonstration. Facebook pages for each organisation indicate around 100 supporters have stated an intention to attend on the day. Clearly we are monitoring the situation and will continue to do so.

European Human Rights law, enshrine an individual’s right to carry out peaceful protest. Indeed for the police, national guidance developed through good practice and case law now directs that our starting point should always be the presumption in favour of facilitating peaceful assembly and not preventing it from taking place. Article 11 ECHR places a duty the police not to prevent, hinder or apply unreasonable restrictions to a peaceful assembly. In addition we must take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect a peaceful protest.

An order to ban any march can only be authorised by the Home Secretary.

Such an order would only be authorised if there was evidence that the powers available to the police to place restrictions on a march were insufficient to prevent serious public disorder.

I should add that although circumstances exist where it is possible to seek the Home Secretary’s agreement to ban a public procession no such power exists in relation to banning a public assembly.

The Public Order Act 1988 provides the necessary powers to place restrictions on both marches and public assemblies under certain conditions. These restrictions must be proportionate, legitimate and necessary and must also stand scrutiny when held up against both UK legislation and European Human Rights Law. Again the use of these powers remains under constant review.

Despite assurances from NWAGC and Unite the Union that they intend to hold a peaceful demonstration it is recognised that there remains a risk of disorder. Given this risk and the uncertainty regarding numbers taking part on the day a significant policing operation is being planned. The primary purpose of that operation is to facilitate lawful and peaceful protest however the resourcing of the event will ensure appropriate contingency measures are in place to minimise the risk of serious disorder and minimise the disruption to the local community.

Recent media reports have suggested that the police have advised local businesses to close. This is not the case. No business has been advised to close.

Local officers will continue to  work closely with local community representatives. We have a good relationship with people in the communities that we serve and we will talk to them about any concerns they might have and reassure them that public safety is our priority.

In summary, North Wales Police continues to be in dialogue with the two groups as we seek to discharge our legal obligations to facilitate peaceful protest. Together with our partners we will keep the situation under constant review to ensure the safety of the public, including the use of any specific police powers, is appropriate, proportionate and lawful. We will continue to share this information with you as a representative and key stakeholder within the community.

I trust this response addresses the concerns you may have and I would ask that if you hold any information that you wish to share our preferred contact would be  or the Force Control Room on 101.

We are particularly keen to hear of increased bookings from large groups on or around the date of the protest and I would encourage you to share such information with North Wales Police as directed above.

Please feel free to share the content of this letter with your colleagues in other business forums.

Yours Sincerely

Steve Williams

Uwcharolygydd Dros dro /Temporary Superintendent”

Thankfully I also managed to find out that the protest had been cancelled;

“Llandudno protest suspended – 16/07/2013 – A protest organised by North West Alliance Gogledd Cymru to be held in Llandudno on August 10 has been postponed…….”

Here are the thoughts of EDL’s football hooliganism wing, Casuals United;


After today’s meeting with the police we have had some great points made by local businesses, community groups, council and police. first the planned date is one of the busiest days of the year and with Llandudnos economy relying on tourism many of the local businesses are worried about loss of money due to people staying away on that day and to be fair I do understand their concerns, second there is a planned childrens day at a theatre in the town and they have taken the decision to cancel the event (this really does not sit well with us), our favoured location for our demo point is on the prom and the safety advisory committee have concerns about the amount of tourists that will be using the area and the impact on them, the problem with Llandudno is there is very little space to hold a demo elsewhere in the town and we don’t want to be kettled in a hidden car park or bused to the outskirts of the town for a demo point. as a result we have decided to move the date 4-6 weeks as a compromise, this is not us backing down and if that was the case we would be announcing the cancellation of the event. we will be announcing the new date within the next week. sorry to inconvenience people but for the success of our event we hope you will all understand.

I should say at this point that the EDL’s Deeside branch don’t call themselves the EDL, they’re the North West Alliance Gogledd Cymru and they’re JUST FRIENDS with the EDL, okay.

If nothing else this shocking news made me realise that I probably need to get a daily newspaper with a local slant delivered again.

Before I found out about the parade’s cancellation my central nervous system experienced a tangible chill ………………… Knuckle-dragging scumbag racists marching down Mostyn Street ………………..Legions of barechested foot soldiers drinking outside the pubs I like to frequent …………………. The moronic EDL were coming to my small hometown  ………………………………. Jesus Christ, I never thought I’d ever see that kind of political activity on the well-appointed streets of Llandudno…………………………………… Thankfully, the cancellation meant that I wouldn’t have to contemplate these disgusting images any longer.

There are several reasons why normal people should detest the EDL; their sole purpose is giving vent to a racism that’s fuelled by hearsay, gossip and exaggeration, their members claim to be non-racist and reasonable yet demonise a group of people that are generally from a different racial background, their calling card is swaggering racist stupidity. Behold the statement regarding the Llandudno protest;

It has come to our attention that militant Islam is starting to have an impact in north Wales, we have had reports of these so called Sharia patrols in towns along the north Wales coast, there have been cars driving around town centres harassing girls telling them to go home and get dressed, trying to convince people not to drink saying it is against Islam. This is only the beginning of things to come.

 Islam is trying to get a hold in Wales,  and we are starting to notice its affects, many schools are serving Halal meat to our kids, there is less integration with the wearing of the burka on the rise. Islam is coming and we must act now before it is too late. Rest assured that taking the attitude of it will never happen here will only result in one thing that is Islam taking over, we need to learn lessons from towns like Bradford, Blackburn, Rochdale, all have high numbers of islamics and they all suffer the effects such as no go areas, child grooming gangs, violence toward non muslims. We will not stand by and let this happen, we will fight this  with every breath in our body. Now is the time to stand up and be counted.

Stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone, with my brothers and sisters of the E.D.L I NEVER stand alone.”

Like every other public utterance from the EDL this statement of justification proves that you cannot engage with these scumbags on any logical level; do you remember the threat of Muslamic Ray Guns that wouldn’t allow Britain to be back British or Lennon’s painful Newsnight appearance? Ironically allowing the EDL a public platform is actually helpful to normal people as they will make themselves look ludicrous without anyone’s help, you won’t even have to the trouble of arguing your case!!!

While you don’t really have to argue with the EDL to prove them wrong it doesn’t hurt to have a few ideas to mind if you ever happen to be confronted by one of their hairless apes, especially as these morons need to be challenged. We must challenge there morons.

The EDL like to claim / imply that a Muslim can’t be properly British because they are Muslim, this idea is beyond ludicrous. Muslims have been part of British society since at least the Treaty of Union in the first decade of the 18th century and British mosques have existed since the middle of the 19th century. Quite simply, Muslims are part of British society, especially when we factor in Britain’s imperial past.

Challenging the EDL sympathisers may be one thing but should we got too far? Should we be too hard on the knuckle dragging racist scumbags? Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how complicated your life would become if you disliked people simply because they aren’t white or they practice a different religion, it can’t be easy……..

Imagine that you joined the EDL because you’re a knuckle dragging overly-nationalistic sports fan that wants to spend your free time with other knuckle dragging overly nationalistic sports fans. Imagine that you like Boxing and Cricket in that special shouty way. Now imagine that while everybody else is celebrating the victories of Naseem Hamed or Amir Khan or the wickets of Sajid Mahmood for the England cricket team you’re muttering to yourself like a cretin. Imagine how you would look!!!!

Imagine if you were an EDL knuckle dragger shouting loudly on a high street. You’re angry, you’ve wearing your freshly pressed Union flag shorts and white socks, you’re proudly holding the poorly spelled placard that you made. You’re trying ever so hard to defend British culture! Imagine how you’d feel if a middle-aged Muslim came up to you and told you that members of his family had actually fought for Britain in world war two. Imagine how difficult it would be to process that information.

Imagine that you’re an EDL knuckle dragger that’s bleeding profusely because you used a stanley knife to cut your toe nails and it slipped. Imagine that the only doctor on duty in the A & E department is a Muslim doctor. Just imagine that, you’re a moron with racist views and a Muslim is actually trying to help you. Imagine how uncomfortable that would make you feel!!!

Imagine you’re an EDL knuckle dragger that’s running late to be angry in public. Now there’s only an hourly bus service from your area and you could see it at the bus stop, the indicators on the driver’s side are flashing, it’s just about to pull off!! Even though you’re running as quickly as your knuckles will allow, you’re going to miss your chance to be angry in public!!!. Imagine the relief when you make it to bus stop in time!! Imagine how glad you’d feel!! Now imagine that as soon as you tread to the bus’ steps you notice that the  driver is a middle-aged Muslim. How would you cope with the choice that confronts you? You can either let a Muslim help you get to your destination, wait another hour and miss your chance to be angry in a public space or trudge home with crushed dreams. That’s a tough call!!!

Imagine if you were an EDL knuckle dragger that loves a nice Donner kebab or a lovely chicken Balti. Imagine you’re out one Saturday night and you’re having a wonderful time, then imagine that at about half past ten someone lets slip that these particular foods originated from Muslim communities. Would you be able to give up the food you love, the food that created your waistline? My god, would you be able to cope?

Anyway back to the cancelled protest in Llandudno, why did the EDL choose Llandudno as the location of their protest? Why attempt to put Llandudno on the frontline of their imaginary racial war? As long-term resident of Llandudno I can state with some confidence that there is no basis for using their bullshit in relation to the Llandudno area; no schools serve only halal meat, I have hardly ever seen women, or men, in burkas and as for “no-go areas” the idea’s too preposterous for words.

In reality the Llandudno area has always been an outward-looking place; thousands of years ago the  Great Orme was a centre for the Bronze Age copper industry that had links with Ireland. Llandudno has always been a seaside resort so it’s a place that’s used to welcoming visitors and strangers, whether they’re guests or workers. Llandudno may be a small town but it manages to include a retreat for Orthodox Jews, a Coptic Orthodox church and a Buddhist meditation centre without creating any tensions.  Even at the most basic level the town is multicultural thanks to the mix of Welsh and English identities. In other words, for a small town Llandudno is quite a cosmopolitan place.

By choosing to hold a protest in Llandudno the EDL again show that their only purpose is to stir up hate in calm places and situations.

There is no place for fascism or racism in north Wales, the EDL and its racist stupidity has no business being in Llandudno.

The EDL are not welcome in my hometown.




3 responses

31 12 2013
Antifa NorthWales (@AntifaNWales)

tweet me @AntifaNWales as I can guarantee they still have some big plans and bigger secrets

26 07 2013

Unite the Union has the unfortunate coincidence of sounding very much like the name of a far right group. At the very least they need a comma: Unite, the union. There, now they don’t sound like they’re going to organise a bombing campaign to disrupt the Scottish independence referendum.

24 07 2013
Welsh not British (@welshnotbritish)

The EDL likes to bus people into Wales to protest about all the foreigners in Wales. The irony is lost on them.

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