Poetry Corner

19 07 2013

In order to celebrate Prestayn’s European adventure I have penned this poem;

Inner Steel

Perfect trichromacy.
Some men in blue,
some men in red,
the promise of the green grass,
the sun’s brilliant white heat.
Primary perfection
and a cloudless sky
drew parched people
to the coastal clash,
in the sea breeze of rejuvenation.
Their voices shout,
their mocking stings,
their carefree insults bruise,
inner steel is tested,
but past events have tempered.
The tempered blood flows.
Hopeful arms aloft,
Expectant voices rise,
a transgression of morals on the coast!!!!
A man in black stands, dispassionate,
A stream of blood passes an ear drum.
A man sprawls on the green grass,
a white line has disrupted gravity,
agitated limbs and voices arise,
A man in black stands, dispassionate.
A torrent of red, red blood courses past ear drums.
A voice in red pleads,
An ear in black feigns,
A pleading touch to the shoulder,
and a grasp of the elbow
Personal space ceases to exist.
The ball hits a net,
Red arms arise and their
shrill voices whine,
to a man in black.
with a dispassionate gait.
A red foul is seen.
Red voices plead
Red hands grasp
black submerges red,
clear black thoughts turn opaque.
A man in blue passes by,
Fate points  the way!!!
The waft of passing polyester becomes a stab.
Gravity wins again,
A magic sponge is needed.
Healing hands touch skin,
Searching for pain,
Magical raised arms win a free kick
The pain is exorcised
by a man in black’s dispassionate reward.
Fate and gravity draws two together
red v blue turns to purple.
Red is suddenly prone,
 “an elbow” they claim!!
The red rectangle appears.
A smirk appears on the grass.
A free kick turns stillness
in to a spinning arc of confusion.
A head, a foot, a bounce, a post
The smirking man’s foot hits the ball,
The ball hit A net.
Karmic forces shudder.



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