And in Sepp’s coiffeured head…….

29 06 2013

The lovely Sepp said all this today;

“Fifa president Sepp Blatter believes football’s governing body’s reputation has been enhanced by the Confederations Cup, despite the demonstrations that have swept across Brazil.

Speaking for the first time since the protests began, Blatter said he had sympathy with people who took to the streets in 100 cities across Brazil.

A further protest is expected before Sunday’s final between Brazil and Spain at the Maracana in Rio, while there are doubts about whether President Dilma Rousseff will attend the match.

“Fifa has come out of this stronger, with our image enhanced. Football has played a positive part here and given emotion,” Blatter said.

“When we say football connects people, it connected people in the stadium, perhaps unfortunately it also connected people in the street.”

Blatter said he had sympathy with the issues being raised by the peaceful protests and he went on to say that he hoped the government would clear up the social unrest before next summer’s World Cup.

He said: “I can understand this social unrest, absolutely, I can understand it. But on the other hand, football brings at this time to the whole continent, because Brazil is a continent, these emotions and hope that the cabinet can change something.

“This is not our problem, it is a political problem, but we hope something will be changed so that by the time the World Cup begins next summer we can have a platform to deliver it.

We have patience, trust and confidence in the government.”

Fifa has been criticised in Brazil for making a tax-free profit out of the World Cup and leaving the hosts to make all the investments, something which Blatter challenged.

The aim of Fifa is not to take profit out of the country but to put into the country the necessary help and means to make sure this World Cup is a success,” he said.

“The World Cup provides practically 90% of the income of Fifa to ensure we can develop the game around the world. Hope is in football. We play football in all perturbed countries, not just where there are belligerent situations like Syria and Afghanistan.

“Look at European countries, there is social unrest, in Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, in Turkey, in Greece and football is still played.

“I’m sure the World Cup next year will be a success and I trust the organisation and the organisation of the security.”

Blatter, who left the tournament last week as the protests reached their peak, also hit back at reports which suggested he had fled the country without warning.

He insisted he had only been fulfilling a previous commitment to attend the Under-20 World Cup in Turkey.

“In no way can it be said I escaped my responsibilities, on the contrary I assumed two responsibilities at the same time,” he said.”

Let’s look at his words of wisdom in more detail.

1. “……football’s governing body’s reputation has been enhanced by the Confederations Cup


(Picture from BBC website)

2. “….hoped the government would clear up the social unrest”

In the past, there were also protests connected to world cups; “The World Cup finals in Mexico (1970) and Argentina (1978) were both sites for local organised protest against unpopular and repressive governments“. How did FIFA deal with the protests? They turned a blind eye to the methods employed to “clear them up.”

In other words; we only want to see smiles, samba and semi-naked young ladies next summer.

3. “We have patience, trust and confidence in the government.”

I can’t decide whether this quote comes from Manchurian Global, the Parallax Corporation, Spectre or FIFA, the humble governing body of world football.

4. “The aim of Fifa is not to take profit out of the country”


World Cup 2010 is FIFA’s most profitable tournament to date

FIFA makes $89M profit on $1.16BN income in 2012

Let’s leave it to FIFA to sing their own praises on this issue….

“FIFA enjoyed a great period of success in the four-year cycle between 2007 and 2010, with revenue rising to USD 4,189 million, up significantly from the figure of USD 2,634 million from the previous four-year cycle. While costs also rose, they remained firmly in control, enabling FIFA to make an extremely healthy result of USD 631 million.

Ninety-three per cent of FIFA’s income during this period was accounted for by event-related revenue. The biggest event of them all proved the biggest fundraiser: the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ made USD 2,408 million of FIFA’s USD 2,448 million through the sale of television rights, and USD 1,072 million of its USD 1,097 million via marketing rights. Overall, South Africa 2010 accounted for 87 per cent of FIFA’s total revenue.

FIFA also benefited from brand licensing. Through the organisation’s FIFA Branded Licensing Programme, companies pay for the license to use the FIFA Brand Marks in the advertising, marketing, promotion and sale of their licensed products or programmes. As well as contributing to FIFA Brand awareness and to the globalisation of the game of football, this generated USD 37 million for FIFA between 2007 and 2010.

FIFA also made USD 33 million from Quality Concept, with manufacturers paying the sport’s governing body for FIFA-approved and FIFA-inspected quality marks on outdoor, futsal and beach soccer balls.The governing body’s remaining income came through its conservative investment strategy and was primarily made up of interest income of USD 51 million and foreign currency gains of USD 64 million.

A key success of the 2007-10 period, during which FIFA’s balances rose to USD 2,145 million, was the boosting of reserves to a total of USD 1,280 million, as of 31 December 2010. The creation of reserves is one of FIFA’s statutory duties as it enables the organisation to ensure financial independence and prepare for unforeseen events that would seriously impact revenue streams. The world governing body can therefore be hugely satisfied by their success in this respect over the past few years, with the level of reserves more than doubling over the 2007-2010 period from its 2006 level of USD 617 million.”

He should have just said “I’m a complete cunt and you’re all morons” and left it at that.




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