50 ways to sack your manager

24 06 2013

When terrace wags heard that Gus Poyet was notified about his sacking by the presenter of the programme he was working on they speculated about the content of Brighton’s message to Gus.

This is what we came up with. Ladies and genetlemen, I give you…..

50 Ways to sack your manager!!!!!!”

(This song was inspired by,  and partly compiled from, tweets by Mr. Gavin Barber and friends)

Gavin kicked it off……..”Hop on the bus, Gus”.

“You’re getting the sack, Jack”

“You’re out of a job, Bob”

“Find a new job, Rob”

‘Here’s your P45, Clive”

“Join the dole queue, Drew”

“The bus stop’s that way, José”

“You’re out on your own, Tone”

“Clear your desk and go, Joe”

“I’ve gotta stop your spendin’, Brendan”

“Took your eye off the ball, Paul”

“You had 6 months too long, Ron”

 “It was a 2 month ordeal, Neil”

“It felt like Kafka’s Trial, Niall”

“You’re no longer the gaffer, Rafa”

“You should be departin,’ Martin?”

“It’s gardening leave, Steve”

“The team’s on the slide, Nige”

“You can’t motivate the men, Sven”

“The defending’s shoddy, Roddy”

“The strikers all miss, Chris”

“You’re hung out to dry, Bri”

“You’re lost your Spark, Mark”

“You kept losing your head, Fred”

“The future looks shady, Aidy”

“You’re last year’s man, Stan”

“No longer the golden boy, Roy”

“It’s the end of the line, Carmine”

“You’re out of your depth, Trev”

“You’re a bit of a div, Viv”

“It’s mutual consent, Trent”

“You’ve taken things as far as you can, Dan”

“A parting of waves, Dave”

“It was your phone call to Donny, Ronnie”

“I’ll see you never work again, Wayne”

“You started to look like a fraud, Jean-Claude”

“The crowd’s bored, Gord”

“Sorry it’s over the phone, Tone”

“Your interviews are too Plebian, Ian”

“The contract situation is too tricky, Micky”

“We caught your hands in the till, Phil”

“You’re often too merry, Jerry”

“I’m afraid it was the kiss and tell, Mel”

“You and the chairman’s wife were too randy, Andy’

“It was the unlicensed agents’ fee, Lee”

“We were a bit fraudulent with the tax, Max”

“The Chairman ain’t a prick, Mick”

“You gave the ballboy a kick, Nick”

“You made your office go up in flames, James”

“It was the pitchside wank, Frank’

“We know your real name’s Kim, Jim”

“The pictures were obscene, Dean”

“We heard the rumours but won’t be drawn, Sean”

“It’s the nasty smell, Miguel”

“You shouldn’t have brought the Gangster’s Moll in, Colin”




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