Could I really give “it” up? Dare I dream?

23 06 2013

Here’s what happened last Saturday.

Our first job was picking up a parcel from the local depot of a well-known parcel delivery service (other services are available). As we turned into the road that would eventually lead to the depot I saw a house on a corner. As we drove past it I noticed that the sun’s blazing light had made an interesting pattern on the porch roof. I perked up when I saw this, I knew today would be at least okay.

The little details of a sunny morning always perk me up. It doesn’t matter what I see or smell; shadows thrown by chimneys on roofs, brief wafts of cut grass or bone dry cracks in the pavement, I immediately think that the day will be more bounteous.

After picking up the parcel we headed off down the A55 to Llandudno. The vistas between Llandudno and Abergele always add a delightful feel to a sunny morning. The sight of sunlight upon the mountains usually puts a thought like “I wonder what it would be like to wake up in a house on a Snowdonian foothill on a morning like this?” in my head and today was no exception.

Needless to say Llandudno was lovely, there wasn’t even a mood-killing breeze. I also picked up exactly what I wanted; a Hitchcock box-set featuring 5 of his less well-known films (as Llandudno’s premier film buff I was shocked that I hadn’t seen some of these films) , a DVD of the best of Chewin’ the Fat and some bargain books. This certainly was a good day so far!!!

At Midday we were back in Abergele for a rest with the inlaws, a glass of orange squash and a fume about the BBC’s sycophancy regarding the magnificence of the Queens’ birthday parade.

At about 2 o’clock we were off to Denbigh for groceries. As we travelled past sunlit field after sunlit field the question “Would I get a table for my wife’s birthday in the Italian restauarant?” playfully wrestled with my happiness. The thought of a fully stocked fridge soon made me content. Even though I had to do a little work in the afternoon, online A Level marking, the sun still lit my soul.

From six o’clock onwards it was relaxation all the way, a couple of films and learning new Scottish comedy catchphrases, of which “Och, ya couple of Fannies” was my favourite. Chewin’ The Fat certainly ain’t a load of pish written by a couple of fannies, it is sketch show comedy at its very finest. GET IT NOW!!!!

As you can see this may have been a Saturday but football hadn’t entered my head all day, well apart from a few thoughts. I could do without football!!!

I could do without the mornings ruined by the possibility of defeat, and the 10 hour round trips to south Wales, and the stress of seeing things go the wrong way, I don’t need the cruel twists of fate, the emptiness of defeat, the wankers on social media, or the dickheads on the telly. I can do without all of it. I could do without football.

Then I remembered there was football on the BBC. I could watch football!!!

The confederation cup on the BBC!!!!!! What joy!!! A collection of glorified friendlies brought to you by Robbie Savage, Sheraer and the ex-radio one dick “Chappers”.

I gave the match the benefit of the doubt for a half out of habit. I may have devoted less time than this but we didn’t see “THE THREE DIVVIES” until half time. (The tennis had overrun.).

Two minutes of the devil’s trio reinforced the potential charm  of football-free Saturdays.



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23 06 2013
Jac o' the North (@JacotheNorth)

Chewin’ the Fat, eh? Obviously a man of taste and discernment.

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