Did Holland’s Euro ’88 kit lead to the end of the cold war?

9 06 2013

Yesterday I had a brief twitter exchange about the design of Holland’s Euro ’88 shirt. As the exchange proceeded I realised that there was a strange symmetry about the adoption of that particular adidas design.

Firstly there was a counterweight, Holland


Then we had the middleweights; the two Germanies. West away.


East home.


Then there were the super-heavyweights, the Superpowers. USSR home;


USA away;


I think this establishes a direct link between the adoption of the shirts and the events of 1989-1991 in Eastern Europe; within 3 years of these kits being worn Stalinism was dead (Albania doesn’t count), the Cold War was over and the countries of Eastern Europe were free to embrace unfettered market capitalism.

I can’t believe that historians have ignored this evidence, it is clear that common shirts convinced everyone to put aside their differences and consider what else they had in common, the seed of change became the wind of change. The shirts were actually part of a CIA/Western multinational plan to ensure the triumph of market capitalism, sadly we don’t have the space to deal with this.

As my mind was in the changing epoch of European history I naturally drifted towards thinking about the last matches that countries played in the late 1980s/early 1990s, maps were constantly being redrawn at this time.

Here’s East Germany’s last ever match from September 1990

Here’s USSR’s last ever match from November 1991

Here’s the SFR Yugoslavia‘s last ever match from March 1992

Here’s Czechoslovakia’s last ever match from November 1992

You never realize you’re living in historic times do you?




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