A scarf for your soul? Part 7

1 06 2013

Even though there’s an excellent article on this issue from 200% I thought I’d carry on with my series.

Cynics tell us that democracy is a sham because our voices are never truly heard. Well, it turns out they’re wrong, the events of yesterday prove that democracy does work!!!


“Cardiff City Football Club on  Wednesday May 29th launched the first images of the 2013/14 home kit,  which featured two shades of red, the darker of which was carried in the  shorts.

The decision had been made as  a means to help visually distinguish the club in the Premier League, while  continuing the theme of our successful 2012/13 Championship winning season.

The resulting response carried  across social media quickly indicated that a large number of supporters were  unhappy with the choice of colour concerning the shorts. For that we apologise.

As a club, we would today like  to address this issue by giving all 2013/14 Season Ticket holders held on our  email database a vote on varied shorts options for next season.

Although this will not result  in every single season ticket holder voting, the size of the email based survey,  reaching over 12,000 Cardiff City fans will give a clear indication as to the  majority view.*

Voting,  based on the image below, starts today via email and will last until 2pm, Friday  May 31st, from which we will  publish details of the winning option. We will then liaise with Puma to get the  shorts put into production as quickly as possible.

Please note that all  votes will be fully verified against our database. All duplicates will be  discarded, while multiple votes will result in all votes for that person being  deleted.

Thank you all for your  cooperation in this matter.

 One city, one  community, one club. #WeAreCardiffCity

 *  Please note that it is not possible to run telephone voting or personal callers  to the ticket office.

Here was the choice;

cardiff 8

What, no blue option Vinny bach?

A few hours later we had our answer!!!

The votes  have been tallied and verified for the 2013/14 home kit shorts following our  email to over twelve thousand season ticket holders on the Cardiff City  database.

From the votes  received, the clear favourite was option four, with many of our voting  Season Ticket holders opting to retain the black shorts from our memorable  Championship winning season.

It’s a  decision that Tan Sri Vincent Tan and all at the club fully supports, and we  will next instruct Puma to work on supplying the shorts as soon as possible.  Once again, we thank all supporters who took the time to vote.

Pre-order your 2013/14  shirt now – CLICK HERE

I hope you didn’t click the last two words as I’m not hawking the bloody kits.

Do you remember Harry Lime’s famous conversation with Holly on the Prater ferris wheel? Well the suckers and the mugs are out there. You see them on twitter;

@sam james – Yes no red/purple shorts in Cardiff‘s new home kit now back to black! #lovethat

@Marc Belli – Impressive politics by Cardiff City to retract on kit. Consultation after original posting. Back to black shorts I hope!!!

@themidfieldviewVincent Tan listens to Cardiff City fans I’m shocked. But that two tone red was awful looking, black shorts a safe option. #cardiffcity

You see them on the Cardiff City Mad Messageboard

On the Holier than thou ‘fans’ thread.

– Bigbluebird typed “A bit like the clowns who think they’re better than a fellow fans who have reluctantly accepted the change.”

– FugPugly typed “Continuing to support your club is not the same as bending over backwards……………..Some people just want to go and watch Cardiff City, they don’t really give a shit about all of this crap.  It’s not the same as gobbling Tan’s sticky white love piss you know.”

On the “Black shorts’ thread

– Trudders typed “I thought that was the worst part of the kit.  What a hideous design, and now we have the two-tone shirt with black shorts.  The lines on the shirt collar are just so random, there’s no need for them at all!!……………….Was really hoping they wouldn’t go with that Puma template (having seen Wolves etc), but now I find myself hoping the dark red on the collar turns black…………………I’ll buy the blue kit if it’s a different template, but will be so upset if that has the same silly lines.

On the “So the colour of the shorts matters -Really???’ thread

– Puteulanus Pennipotenti typed “Having reluctantly accepted red shirts 12 months ago the furore over a weird shade of red shorts is a bit odd. Surely even those who are going to buy a new Premier League red shirt are not going to buy the shorts as well unless you are a junior bluebird and they dont care anyway…………….If this is now the biggest bug bear with the club then things must be good…………..Yes the kit is vile but just don’t buy it.”

You see them in the media at large;

“As far as I am concerned, the club, and Vincent Tan in particular, could have used the turnaround to their benefit and satisfied thousands of disgruntled fans by making the shorts of the home kit blue.

Tan would still have his ‘lucky red’ top and we, the lifeblood of the club, would have had a small but meaningful compromise with blue shorts.”

Why do I care more about this issue than some Cardiff fans?




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