A scarf for your soul? Part 5

28 05 2013

I was looking at Stand AMF’s Facebook page earlier today and I noticed that there had been a protest in Cardiff a few days ago;

cardiff 1

cardiff 2

The photo provoked a little bit of a reaction;

David Jones Let it go fellas I wasn’t happy about it but where would you rather be? Let it go. (Pissing into the wind sort of springs to mind)

Lindsay Williams That’s right let it be look at what as happens

Glyn Stone Waist of time, were red, and thats how we are going to stay, red and in the prem or blue and in the lower leagues or non existant.

Liam John Hogan A bit late

Liam John Hogan We play in red now about time you guys stop complaining and get behind the team

Sean Tempah Marks Too late now your making a biggy outta it u got back the team no matter what color they are

David Davies-Evans Huge turn out. Lmfao. Time to move on. Ive been supporting the BLUEBIRDS since the 70’s I have my opinions. But it is what it is.

Lee Chant bore fest yawn

Jiffy Davies Can u ask the guy who owns that house does he want his pine end cleaned its bogging lol

Ryan Lewis wish these small numbers of people would quit it,we had to send a party of people to convince the malaysians to return without them wed be screwed and probably playing welsh leauge etc ffs were in the premier leauge

Kris Is-Vile Iles Yaawwwnnnn, Are people STILL crying about this? Such a shame that this minority are attempting to spoil the clubs success.

Richard Faulkner I am not happy about the colour change followed ccfc home and away since i was 12 . A bit late to start something like this just shows in the numbers that attended. Blue till i die. but red till the Malaysians fuck off . Ps never have or going to buy a red shirt tho .

Steve Davies-Evans Another laughable turnout! Do people really believe this will change Tans mind?

Dai Jones cracking pic,fuck the red tits,sell out wankers I hope the prem is worth it

Gareth Chino Edwards Liam john hogan obviously not a true fan at heart

Phillip Greenslade Some of those in the picture refuse to follow City in the Premiership because they are not wearing blue. Whose missing out those who want to have a day out in Torquey or the ones that are going for a day out in Everton?

Richard Faulkner Too little too late ga. We should have done it as soon as the change came last season . X

Richard Faulkner Liam john Hogan only looks about 12 . What the heck does he know about ccfc . I will never accept it . But will support our football club blue army.

Jason Turner I support Cardiff City fc..i really like the red shirt so come on get over it lol

Gareth Chino Edwards Would rather a real day out in torquay then a sit down no atmosphere in everton, I love the club but it aint the same! We should follow german laws on football as its done them no harm

Phillip Greenslade What if Cardiff are winning in Everton? German fans understand that the Colour of your team be it Blue or Red is what ‘s needed to build an atmosphere. We should ban Brands on the terraces! OUCH….

David Ccfc Fleming Keep trying u wont get. Nowhere. I love Cardiff but these protests are only going to ruin the club if vt walks away just. Accept it i loved the blue kit but people. Need to accept the change

Kyle Cudgie Cullen I can see myself with my vest on lol

Kyle Cudgie Cullen Could at least keep away kit blue ! There just taking the piss if they make that yellow aswel

Geraint Lewis Should be aloud to say how we feel this was at the end of the season no games and it to celebrate the history nothing was said about tan so what a matter with that

Simon Underhill Some of you make me sick to my stomach

Lewis Matthews I can’t believe the crap people write on here, a group of supporters get together to celebrate our once proud history and all some people want to do is moan and have a pop. It’s clear as day that the premiership means more than the traditions/identity and integrity of what a football club should be

Joe Mackay once a blue always a blue. Lots of kids on here that have sold out. we would have survived with or without his money. Was there really any need to turn red! Shame some of you on here never came and told us your opinions yesterday.

Liam Blundell Top quality boys keep Cardiff blue AMF

Lee Chapman If that’s all there is out of our HUGE fan base all I can say is find something more exciting to do with your time yawn

Lee Chapman Gareth Edwards your an arrogant prick fair play, who are you to tell anybody they ain’t a real fan?? For 11 years since the old 3rd tier of football iv travelled all around the country had season ticket after season ticket spent thousands and thousands of my hard earned money following city. I’m sat here today with the red top on, if given the chance to chose I would prefer to stay blue I just realise bitching about it won’t do nothing and would rather not let something eat me up day after day, the only person who wants to question their credibility as a fan is

James ‘Grizz’ Grieve The blue few. Plastic sell out club. Lost your soul, not Cardiff any more. Against modern football.

Simon Underhill Lee. If you want people to respect your opinions try respecting ours. Cardiff is blue and you’ll have to carry me off in a coffin before I wear anything red.

A fan with soul You can argue the toss all you like, but anyone who justifies the “red re-brand” is a soulless apologist with no respect for Cardiff’s identity and proud heritage.

Louis Williams Exactly what’s wrong with today’s fans mindset ^ you’d rather be in the prem with an owner who doesn’t give a fuck about the clubs heritage with his dirty money rather then be in a lower league with pride of your club no matter whatever the financial situation is.

Matt Hill Just wait until you realise selling your soul for the premiership isn’t worth it. Once the media get fed up of the “fairytale” angle you’ll just be another small team getting shown last on match of the day.

Why do I get the impression that the people who are angry at the protesters are really angry at themselves. You can tell from their hollow words that they so desperately want have the gumption to let their consciences guide them. If only there was an example to guide them. If only there was a club that made a design based decision and then recanted after fan pressure. Wait a minute……..

May 26th 2013 – Everton unveil new Crest

May 27th 2013 – Everton fans up in arms about club’s redesigned crest.

May 28th 2013 – Everton vow to ditch unpopular new crest after fan backlash.




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