I’ve watched a rugby match

21 05 2013
RGC 45 Rhydyfelin 0
WRU Division One East

If you disregarded the cold wind this match wasn’t bad entertainment, especially as it only cost £3 to get in. I went with Gareth and his dad, I should have gone last week but Bangor’s play-off intervened.

Considering Rhydyfelin were in third position RGC (Rygbi Gogledd Cymru) did rather well. In short I had a pleasant time, and I even saw ex-Welsh international Rupert Moon in a hoodie.

At some point in the first half Gareth became desperate for a beer and wondered where “the guy with the cans” had gone. I surmised that “the guy with the cans” was a guy with a rucksack full of beer and I was right. I already thought it was odd that people were drinking cans of beer on a terrace but a bloke selling cans of beer, out of a rucksack, at a sporting event, well that was too much.

Why aren’t British football fans treated in this civilised way? Don’t give me that old guff about the consumption of alcohol automatically leading to trouble. Beer is served on the terraces of Germany, Denmark and Austria (I’ve seen this with my own eyes) and none of those countries have “terraces of destruction” filled by “rampaging animals”.

Why are rugby fans trusted to behave like adults whereas football fans aren’t? It’s a ridiculous double standard if you consider what can happen on a rugby club night out.  As for the “inherent decency” of rugby fans, well the potential for trouble can be as high with rugby fans as it is with football fans; I noticed a definite air of menace in the Millennium Stadium when I went to watch the World Cup Semi-Final in 2011 .

To my jaundiced eye attitudes (another example) can be as bad amongst rugby fan as they are amongst as “scummy” football fans. For example the English rugby and football teams both have triumphalist and reactionary monarchists following them. Having said all this I can’t say for cetain whether rugby shares football’s major problem; “Alcohol + The Banter = Gobshiteism”.

Instead of being treated with respect football fans are charged £1500 to display simple banners at matches.

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