My favourite photo

17 05 2013

The photo below is probably my favourite photo


There are a couple of reasons why this photo is probably my favourite.

Firstly, of all the photos I’ve ever taken it’s the one that most exemplifies north Wales; it’s dark, sparsely populated and there’s evidence of rain. This may sound less than appealing to you but I always feel at home when there’s rain and cloudy darkness.

Secondly, I like looking at this photo because it makes me think of every midweek match that I’ve ever seen in north Wales and I find the memory that it stirs up – being wet and windswept – very comforting indeed.

Lastly, and most importantly for the purposes of RCAFS, it exemplifies the sort of values that a football fan should have, and I’m not just saying that because I know most of the people in the photo.

I don’t see people that cannot handle defeat, I don’t see divviness, I don’t hear the shrill cacophony of self-centered moaners and the “Banter Bus” is out of service.

I look at the photo and I can tell these fans won’t start whistling or booing when another corner is wasted. I see loyalty and stoicism, I see thoughtful contemplation and belief, I see the nobility of experience.

I will use the photo in RCAFS’ publicity material.




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