The football / music crossover

10 05 2013

Last night I tried to find a couple of Super Furry Animals songs on You Tube. I not only found the songs I wanted I chanced upon my favourite crossover between football and music; the day when the Super Furry Animals went to watch Wales lose 7-1 to Holland in Eindhoven (It’s 7 minutes in).;

While that’s my favourite crossover moment there are several others that I like.  Mark E. Smith reading out the football results is one of them.

The video to the Super Furry Animals’ “Play It Cool” is another favourite.

As is Half Man Half Biscuits’ “Rock And Roll Is Full Of Bad Wools”.

Primal Scream’s “The Big Man and the Scream Team Meet the Barmy Army Uptown” and Spinal Tap’s Derek Smalls going through a metal detector are two more favourites.


The thought of Ex-Reading goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann wearing a Tool baseball cap for a Match of the Day interview always makes me smile.

I found a few more interesting things on the internet. For example here’s Eusebio in a Harlow Record Shop just before the 1968 European Cup Final


Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip wrote “Nayim from the halfway line

Here’s Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris playing football

I was also reminded of  Jess Conrad’s cringeworthy output. Firstly “Soccer Superstar” and it’s “ballllllllll control

Then his tribute to the Showbiz Soccer XI.

It’s funny to think that  football / music crossovers existed before Timothy Lovejoy invented them.




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