Weekends are meant to be fun

9 05 2013

Last weekend was so depressive I’m only going to relate a few details.

FC United 3 Frickley Atheltic 2
Northern Premier League Premier Division

This weekend had such a good beginning, the sun on my face, a picnic in Warrington Central, an ethical shirt for 5-a-side from FC’s sale rail, another badge for another jacket and a three nil win for the good guys.

may4 035

may4 049

may4 050

may4 051

may4 078

The weekend starts to turn bad………

Wrexham 0 Newport County 2
Conference Promotion Play-Off

I thought it would be good for north Walian football if Wrexham became a Football League club again. Clem would be heading down to the Racecourse and everything.

Then Newport scored their first goal and I scared my wife by shouting “FUCK!!!!” at the computer screen.

God hates north Wales.

The weekend turns bad………

Bangor City 1 Prestatyn Town 3
Welsh Cup Final

The sun did shine and the drinks did flow, then it went downhill.

All fans were housed in the Yale stand and even though we had more fans than Prestatyn we were given the less specious  away end. Then Prestatyn scored in the second minute, then we equalised in the 60th minute. By the time Prestatyn scored two minutes before extra time’s half time people were thinking of penalties . Price scored their third goal against a demoralised defence, as if that mattered.

I could complain about Prestatyn’s  snidey ways, about their exaggeration and their time wasting, about their constant attempts to control the referee through moaning. I could complain that the wanker gave in and gave them EVERY FUCKING DECISION. I could complain about the bullshit time wasting tactics that Price and Parkinson adopted in the last 10 minutes of injury time.

I could complain about all that but I’m too much of a gentleman to do that. I’ve got too much class and good grace to offer anything less than my warmest congratulations to Prestatyn, so yeah, well done you bunch of pricks.

may6 007

may6 016

may6 026

may6 033




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