I want “interesting” not “AN Other at Right Back for blah blah blah XI”

8 05 2013

Earlier today a York fan told the When Saturday Comes message board about an interesting pre-season match.

“Seems a bit early to be starting a thread about pre-season friendlies, but this story is worth sharing…

My beloved York have been approached and are apparently in discussions to go to Niš in southern Serbia for a game against FK Radnički to mark the 1,700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan, the connection being that Emperor Constantine, who was responsible for the edict, was born in Niš and made Emperor in York! Apparently the main stumbling block at the moment is whether or not we can afford the trip.”

I tried to find out more about this match but all I could find was this article on a Serbian website.

 Jork igra sa Radničkim u Nišu

U toku su finalni pregovori sa fudbalskim klubom iz Engleske da se na stadionu Čair odigra prijateljski meč između Radničkog i Jorka u okviru proslave godišnjice Milanskog edikta.

Ovu informaciju Južnim vestima potvrdio je državni sekretar u Ministarstvu omladine i sporta Nenad Borovčanin koji je nedavno boravio u Velikoj Britaniji.

– Počeli smo pregovore sa Jorkom preko Sport England-a, ali će se uključiti i predsednik Britanske olimpijske asocijacije Lord Sebastian Kou. Utakmica bi bila u znaku Milanskog edikta, kao utakmica tolerancije uz mogući patronat UEFA. Niš bi bio domaćin, a jedina obaveza je da obezbedi smeštaj u gradu – izjavio je Borovčanin za Južne vesti

Termin odigravanja meča još nije poznat.

Ideja da se organizuje utakmica potekla je iz poznanstva Borovčanina i gradonačelnika Jorka, a vezu predstavlja to što je Car Konstantin rođen u Nišu, a krunisan u Jorku.

Borovčanin je dodao da je naišao na pozitivan odgovor u Nišu, a da su gradske vlasti pored fudbalske zainteresovane i za organizaciju jedne rukometne utakmice.

– Poslednji put kad sam boravio u Nišu o tome sam razgovarao sa gradonačelnikom Perišićem, za koga smo otvorili mogućnost da bude gost Jorka i njihovog gradonačelnika. Takođe, Igor Novaković je izrazio želju da se ista utakmica organizuje i u rukometu, ali u Jorku nije rukomet baš tolio razvijen, pa ćemo još razgovarati o tome – dodao je Borovčanin.

Fudbalski klub Jork je trenutno 17. na tabeli 4. lige od 24 kluba koja se takmiče u ovom rangu. Klub je osnovan 1908. godine, ali je 1917. godine ugašen. Pet godina kasnije, 1922. godine, ponovo je aktiviran.

Prošle godine su pobedom od 2:0 nad Njuportom osvojili “FA trofej”.

When you put it through Google translate it becomes;

“York plays with Workers in Nis

During the final negotiations with the football club in England to be in attendance at Cair play a friendly match between the workers and York in celebration of the anniversary of the Edict of Milan.

This information was confirmed by Southern news, the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Youth and Sports Nenad Borovčanin who recently stayed in the UK.

– We have begun negotiations with York via Sport England, but will include the British Olympic Association chairman Lord Sebastian Coe. The match will be marked by the Edict of Milan, a game of tolerance with a possible patronage of UEFA. Niš to the host, and the only obligation is to provide housing in the city – said the South Borovčanin news.

Rescheduled match is not yet known.

The idea to organize the match came from acquaintances and Borovčanin York mayor, and a link to the Emperor Constantine was born in Nis, and crowned at York.

Borovčanin added that he met with a positive response in Nis, and that the city authorities in addition to football stakeholders and the organization of a volleyball match.

– Last time I was in Nis I talked with Mayor Perisic, who have opened up the opportunity to be the guest of York and its mayor.  Also, Novakovic has expressed a wish to organize the same game in handball, volleyball at York is not just TOLIO developed, and we still talk about it – he said Borovčanin.

York City Football Club is currently 17 in Table 4 league of 24 clubs that compete in this division. Klub je osnovan 1908. The club was founded in 1908, but it was in 1917. year running. Five years later, in 1922, again is activated.

Last year, a 2-0 victory over the Newport won “FA Trophy” . “

Marking the 1,700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan”  has got to be the most interesting reason for a friendly I’ve ever heard. I don’t think anyone will deny that it’s miles more interesting than “It’s so and so’s testimonial” or “We can’t be arsed making any effort so we’re sending you something ending in vague roman numerals“.

I’ve thought of more friendlies with interesting historical angles.

Ferencvaros versus Nefchi Baku would celebrate Suleiman the Magnificent’s rule over the Ottoman Empire. The two clubs are at opposite ends of his massive empire.

First Vienna versus Corinthian Casuals would celebrate the life of Sigmund Freud. One club represents the city where he was educated and the other represents the city in which he died

Cavalier FC (From the Bahamas) versus Genoa CFC would celebrate the life of Christopher Columbus. One club represents his home town and the other represents one of the places he crashed in to.

Wuppertaler SV Borussia, versus FC United would commemorate Friedrich Engels by pitting a club from his birthplace against a club from the city where he put his revolutionary ideas together.

FC Zurich versus SV Babelsberg 03 would celebrate the example of Rosa Luxemburg. Zurich is the city where she went to university and Babelsberg play in the Karl-Liebknecht-Stadion.

Triangular tournaments would also be good. For example a tournament between SV Eintracht Trier 05, 1. FC Union Berlin and AFC Wimbledon would commemorate Karl Marx’s example. Trier would represent his home town, Union would represent the start of his revolutionary journey and Wimbledon would represent London, the place of his death.

A similar tournament between Rosario Central , UNAM Pumas, and FC La Habana would commemorate the life of the well-known football fan and revolutionary Che Guevara. Rosario is his club, UNAM Pumas come from the university that he briefly taught at, and FC La Habana are from the place where he’s a revolutionary icon.

Montpellier versus St. Andrews United would celebrate the friendship between Auguste Comte, the founder of the discipline of sociology, and John Stuart Mill, the philosopher. Montpellier was Comte’s birthplace and Mill was Lord Rector of the University of St. Andrews in the 1860s.

Leyton Orient versus New York Cosmos would celebrate the urban myth that Nylon’s name came from its simultaneous development in London and New York.

AS Monaco versus FC Vaduz would celebrate the 2oth century’s creative banking sector.

Colo Colo versus Grantham Town would celebrate the friendship between Lady Thatcher and Pinochet the saviour. The match would take place Chile’s national stadium, the world’s most famous sporting arena / concentration camp.

Chelsea, Melbourne and New York Red Bulls would celebrate the life of Rupert Murdoch, the late 20th century’s greatest media mogul, by including clubs in the places he’s owned newspapers.

Boca Juniors versus Bangor City would celebrate my historic urge to watch football in Argentina. Plus Diego Maradona is a Bangor fan.

I’m sure some of these matched will happen one day.




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