Are you a football fan or a potential criminal?

2 05 2013

It looks like some football clubs and the police have difficulty telling the difference sometimes. Here are Brighton and Hove Albion’s ticketing arrangements for the play-off semi-finals;

Play-Off Semi-Final: Away Leg

 PUBLISHED 11:00 2nd May 2013

by Will Jago

Following the final league game of the season, tickets for Albion’s Championship play-off semi-final away leg will be on sale to supporters with 1,260+ loyalty points from 8pm on Saturday 4 May – online only.
The club expect the fixtures to take place on the following dates:
In the event of playing Nottingham Forest
Thursday 9 May – Nottingham Forest v Albion, kick-off 7.45pm
Sunday 12 May – Albion v Nottingham Forest, kick-off 12.45pm
In the event of playing Crystal Palace/Bolton Wanderers
Friday 10 May – Crystal Place/Bolton Wanderers v Albion, kick-of 7.45pm
Monday 13 May – Albion v Crystal Palace/Bolton Wanderers, kick-off 7.45pm

On Sale Dates

  Online Ticketline
1,260+ Loyalty Points 8pm, Saturday 4th May 10am, Monday 6th May
1,150+ Loyalty Points 1pm, Monday 6th May 9.30am, Tuesday 7th May


Supporters are advised that tickets will be available to purchase online and by calling the ticketline on 0844 327 1901 in the timeframes indicated above. Tickets will NOT be available to buy in person at the Amex Stadium or Queens Road ticket offices.
All tickets are subject to availability. Albion will receive an allocation of approximately 2,000 tickets for the away leg and visiting supporters to the Amex will receive a similar allocation in the corresponding fixture.
In the event of playing Crystal Palace in the semi-finals, the following conditions of sale have been agreed by the two clubs, the Metropolitan Police and Sussex Police:
1. You must be a season ticket holder to purchase a ticket and only one ticket will be available per season ticket holder.
2. Your details and seat number will be made available to Crystal Palace FC, the Metropolitan Police and Sussex Police.
3. The ticket may only be used by the purchaser.
4. All away fans must carry a separate document which confirms their identity.
5. You agree to hand over your ticket and identity document for examination by a police officer or steward at the stadium or en route to or from the stadium.
6. Failure to produce the ticket and an identity document for examination will result in refusal of entry to the match and any future matches this season.
7. There will be a one year exclusion for anyone who is found to have handed over or sold a ticket to any other person.
8. There will be a one year exclusion for anyone who is found in possession of a ticket issued to another person.

Charming, isn’t it? Treated like a potential criminal, or a citizen of an occupied country, because you want to go to football match.

The last two conditions of sale seem particularly draconian. Imagine that you bought a ticket but then suffered an acute attack of food poisoning the night before the match. Of course you can’t risk going you don’t want to rush to the toilet along a crowded row. However you don’t want your ticket to go to waste and your brother is a lapsed fan you give it to him. Your brother is very happy and goes to the match with a smile on his face!! Then he gets caught in unauthorised possession of a football ticket and both of you earn one year bans. 

In short both of you end up with a one year ban because you were nice to your brother. 




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15 05 2013
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