Corporate Football………………Huzzah and Hurrah!!!!!

25 04 2013

It’s always nice to see evidence of the triumph of corporate values in our society. It’s even nicer to see this evidence in the week after Thatcher’s funeral as it reminds one just how much we have to thank Maggie. Without her we wouldn’t have beaten the disgusting unions or removed the yoke of doing the right thing from the City of London’s great and noble institutions.

It’s wonderful that nowadays we are able to see corporate titans celebrating their self-proclaimed brilliant work with all the modesty that ridiculous hyperbole and self-aggrandizement demands. For example;

Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan gives his most in-depth interview yet

The tycoon, who is of Chinese origin, insists he changed Cardiff City’s fortune by changing the club’s colour to red……

………Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has declared he wants to follow Swansea City’s lead……“I do like the Swansea model – they have shown the way. I would like to buy a Michu, who for just £2 million has performed better than Fernando Torres has for £50 million.

“Luck is involved on the field, but normal business rules apply off it. You buy players and they are assets.

“Like Michu, who cost £2 million and is worth £20 million.  But if he has only one year left on his contract, you have to sell him.”

Tan also insisted he was absolutely right to re-brand the Bluebirds, claiming his decision changed the club’s fortunes.

He spoke too of his joy at the way the Cardiff City brand was taking off in his Malaysian homeland.

“I created some controversy with the colours. There was a lot of resistance. Most of the fans and most of the board were against it,” said Tan.

“I said maybe this will change our luck. I changed the logo to the national symbol.

“In 1927 when Cardiff won the FA Cup they had a dragon on their crest so I brought it back – the national flag on the shirt.

“It’s not an Asian dragon but their national symbol. You can’t have a red dragon on a blue jersey, so the jersey had to change too.

“The blogs got pretty nasty, but I would like to think I changed Cardiff’s luck”

Of the far east links, he continued: “You know, one Malaysian official told me that he cried when he saw the stadium with Malaysia over it.

“I’ve been told by chairmen of other football clubs that I’m ‘lucky to have your country sponsoring your team’.

“I have to tell them that on the contrary, I am sponsoring my country by putting Malaysia on the Cardiff jerseys.

“But I believe I received a lot of goodwill from Malaysians by promoting Malaysia. I think a lot of people are supporting us quietly.

“I could have put one of my companies on the shirt – like Cosway – but Malaysia has a nice ring to it.

“Every week I get the cuttings and the papers show massive coverage with the Malaysia logo emblazoned across their pages.

“I hope that Tourism Malaysia will consider sponsoring us.

“Some people said I was mad to buy a football club, but it’s turning out to be a good investment for me.

“The Kuwaitis have bought Nottingham Forest, the Thais have Leicester, the Abu Dhabis bought Leeds, while Birmingham is still in Hong Kong hands.

“What we are doing has got to be good for Malaysia.”

Look at the ridiculous man trying to do the the Ayatollah….


A man that’s so desperate to fit in Wales he’s willing to look like a tit, how lovely!!! The last tit that tried approach this was……

It’s lovely how people are able to celebrate the triumph of the corporate over the community nowadays. It’s wonderful that people are allowed a place in the spotlight in order to shamelessly brag about how their corporate-created success is so much better when their community based rivals fail. Behold!!!!

MK Dons boss will keep an eye on AFC Wimbledon’s fate

Karl Robinson admits that the first thing he will do after Saturday’s final game with Stevenage is check whether AFC Wimbledon have been relegated from the Football League.

The MK Dons boss steered his side to a 2-1 FA Cup victory in the much anticipated first meeting between the two clubs in December, but chances of a re-match will be dramatically reduced if Neal Ardley’s men plummet out of League Two.

A home victory against Fleetwood will be enough for AFC but failure to win will see a return to non-league football.

When asked if he wanted them to be relegated, Robinson said that he ‘wasn’t bothered’ but he added: “I will be honest, I will be looking at the AFC score. It will be the first score I look for.”

The history of the two clubs has created inevitable tension and the cup victory, sealed by a late winner from the heel of Jon Otsemobor, provides a happy memory of a season where Dons have disappointed too often in the league.

Robinson, too, can take comfort from being at the helm for the historic success.

“I’ll never forget that game,” he said. “I’ll never forget looking up at the top tier and nearly seeing that far roof come off. The noise it created was deafening.

“Even now you sometimes get goose pimples.

“I remember the TV clip going to two AFC Wimbledon fans, one in a yellow shirt, one in a blue shirt, and then there was a certain curse word.

“We’d been knocked for so many years.

“I’ve got a picture of it I want to put it in my house.

“I see Jon and seven of the players in pure ecstasy and thousands behind them with faces of pure joy. It was an amazing moment.”

Dons will likely make changes for the trip to Stevenage on the last day of the season on Saturday. With nothing to play for, youngsters could get a chance at the Lamex Stadium.” 

It’s charming that thrusting corporate guys  feel as though they aren’t meant to feel the burden of democratic process. Why can’t we just leave them to get on with doing great things ;

Jerome Valcke: Fifa chief says too much democracy can be hindrance

Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke has said too much democracy can be a hindrance when organising a World Cup.

Valcke said one of the reasons Fifa had encountered problems in organising the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was the various levels of government in the South American nation.

He expects fewer problems arising for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

“I will say something which is crazy, but less democracy is sometimes better for organising a World Cup,” he said.

“When you have a very strong head of state who can decide, as maybe [President Vladimir] Putin can do in 2018… that is easier for us organisers than a country such as Germany, where you have to negotiate at different levels.

“The main fight we have [is] when we enter a country where the political structure is divided, as it is in Brazil, into three levels – the federal level, the state level and the city level.

“[There are] different people, different movements, different interests and it’s quite difficult to organise a World Cup in such conditions.”

Funnily enough FIFA claim that they have a “Corporate Social Resposibility” to think about “building a better future”,  as they say;

“In achieving its mission of “building a better future”, FIFA aims to lead by example and channel the power of football and the influence of the organisation on the game and its stakeholders towards making positive impacts on society and the environment”


” …Ensuring that the game of football reflects the highest values of society is essential to FIFA. Through its regulations and actions on and off the pitch, FIFA fights negative influences on the game and ensures that the fundamental values are respected.”

Based on Valcke’s ideas it’s nice to know that democracy isn’t considered a “fundamental value” by FIFA. We shouldn’t be surprised at this attitude FIFA have allowed “strong” governments to run things if it was “necessary” in the past

Isn’t corporate football great?. It strides on, proud and unstoppable, unburdened by old-style thinking, customs,  fairness or  morality. It strides on, creating a world where everything is great as long as everything looks fine to the faraway investor or television viewer.

Yet again, praise be to the work of people like Thatcher, Pinochet and Reagan, without whom the corporate football world and its money would not be in the glorious position it finds itself in today!!!!




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