Shirt spotting at the Snooker World Championships

20 04 2013

Today the World Snooker Championships started today. For me this means one thing; football shirt spotting.

It’s not difficult to play along, as you can see……

snooker 4

snooker 10

snooker 8

snooker 7

snooker 6

snooker 1

snooker 9

snooker 2

snooker 3

snooker 5

If you looked at the last three photos and thought that you were seeing things, you weren’t. It probably is the same guy in a succession of Coventry City replica shirts. Actually it’s said that he’s well-known for wearing Coventry shirts at The Crucible; last year he “got down on one knee and popped the question in one of his famous Coventry City  jerseys“.

Anyway, I’ve only watched one session (about two hours worth) and I have already spotted the following club shirts / polo shirts;

  • Coventry City (him again?)
  • West Ham
  • Bury
  • Middlesborough
  • Leicester
  • Tottenham
  • Liverpool
  • England

I also noticed

  • Northampton Saints
  • England Rugby

Before you start this new hobby, be warned!!! Within half an hour it starts to feels like you’re spotting provincial flags at an England football international.




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24 04 2013

No weak lemon drink?

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