Do you know why I love semi-pro football? It’s the friendliness

7 04 2013

Yesterday Bangor City played XXX XXX XXXXXX in a Welsh Cup semi-final in Rhyl.  Everybody I knew had been more than excited since the draw happened a month ago. It was going to be “one of those days comrade”, it was going to be sunny with coordinated travel plans and a base camp, my god, how the drinks were gonna flow, flow, flow.

Things were going swimmingly until last Wednesday, when someone noticed that a Rhyl pub landlord had typed something on facebook;

just had a call from the police to inform us that they expect upwards of 1500 bangor city supporters,plus about 750 xxx supporters to arrive in the town on saturday from 10 am onwards,this can only mean one thing for us at the milly,we dont open saturday till 6-30 pm, boards will be placed on the windows for obvious reasons,so the rumour brigade will have a field day,sorry to our regulars but your safety comes first over making a few quid.cant understand why rhyl was chosen as a venue for two wpl teams when they dont even play in that league yet till next season.especially after being treated like a leper by the wpl for the last 3 years.

I know there’s a bit of rivalry between Rhyl and Bangor City but surely this was a bit of an over-reaction for effect; “boards will be placed on the windows for obvious reasons” is it? Is that really necessary? Come on landlord, Bangor fans are not barbarians. If only you had remembered the Rhyl Visitor’s letter page from the week after the last Welsh Cup semi-final Bangor played in Rhyl;


In this day and age nothing stirs up pointless indignation like  internet based sociological commentary. The “enforced” pub closure didn’t matter; our base camp was a good little pub and we also had a few in the Rhyl clubhouse. Yes that was right, the Rhyl FC clubhouse. We may not have been allowed in a normal pub because of the potential trouble between Rhyl and Bangor fans but we were allowed in the Rhyl clubhouse. You can’t make it up, as Richard Littlejohn often hectors.

Wait a minute, I’ve just mentioned Littlejohn’s name, I’ll go and wash my mouth out.

………..By the way we walked past the pub in question on the way to the ground and noticed that the landlord hadn’t boarded up his windows. Anyway, speaking of XXX XXX XXXXXX legitimisers, a couple from the 750 that the police were convinced were going to show up…….. …..750, honestly 750!!!!

You can’t make it up, as Richard Littlejohn oft…….

Hold on, while I go back to the bathroom.

……….Anyway back to the 750 legitimisers of XXX XXX XXXXXX, yes 750 (SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY)!!!!!! Well one, or possibly two, of the them tried their best to reduce a semi-final of the world’s third oldest national cup competition in to an argument between two over-exicited 10 year olds. Someone connected to XXX XXX XXXXXX tweeted;

go to google fight and fight off the xxx xxx xxxxxx v Bangor city fc watch the spanking bit like on the pitch

Xxx xxx xxxxxx xx / Bangor city fc – Google Fight : make this fight with Googlefight ! … via @abondance_com

The truly sad thing is not the fact that somebody has reduced a football match to an argument between a pair of over-excited 10 year olds, it’s that an adult human being thought something can be achieved by doing that.  Like I said I really love semi-pro football for the friendly atmosphere.




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