Aren’t footballers looking younger nowadays!!!

5 04 2013

In my mind this is what 38 year old pro footballers, AKA “old footballers”, have always looked like;

a gritt 12

To me “old footballers” were all about wrinkles, lines and looking world-weary. As I watched Tottenham’s UEFA Cup match last night I realised that this viewpoint was an outdated viewpoint, nowadays “old footballers” look like this…..

Brad-Friedel 1

and this…..

Brad F

and this…….

Brad Friedel 5

While they look a bit different to their younger selves……………………

gritt 4

Ryan Giggs of Manchester United

Brad Friedel 6

………………they don’t look bad for their age do they?

Flipping heck, you know you’re getting old when “old footballers” start to look younger. This realization hit me like a brick hits a plate-glass window. My existential anchor is wobbly. After a working life full of strenuous activity older players should look old and haggard, it’s natural. Only now they don’t look old and haggard.

So, not only do they have loads of money, glamour and enough sex as they can eat and now they’re better looking when they’re older too. With this on my mind I actually noticed how old I look this morning, not how old I think I look. Bloody Professional footballers.

Nostalgic programmes, like the “The Big Match Revisted” on ITV4, show you why I used to think the way I did,  in the 1970s and ’80s footballers looked older;

Steve Gritt (Age 30)

gritt 1

Steve McMahon (Age 28)

gritt 2

Ray Wilkins (Age 28-29)

a gritt 3

Frank Worthington (Age 27ish)

a gritt 6

Francis Lee (Age 26-28)

a gritt 7

Billy Bremner (Age 26-28)

a gritt 11

Nobby Stiles (Age 27-29)

a gritt 13

Jeff Blockley (Age 26-28)

gritt 3

Joe Jordan (Age 29-31)

Soccer - Italian Serie A - AC Milan Photocall

Neville Southall (Age 26)

a gritt 15

Alan Sunderland (Age 31-ish)

a gritt 18Gerry Francis (Age 28-30)

a gritt 19

And they say football is more stressful nowadays!




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