It’s all about the coverage.

1 04 2013

If you consider the approach that Wales’ national English language broadcaster, BBC Wales, takes to the Welsh domestic football scene you begin to understand why a lot of people living in Wales think that the Welsh domestic football scene is a bit of a joke.

For example, on Saturday XXX XXX XXXXXX won their seventh Welsh Premier League title and the BBC website donated this much coverage to the story;

XXX XXX XXXXXX 3-0 Carmarthen (*Xxxxxx are crowned champions): Xxxxxx romped to the Welsh Premier League title with a convincing win at home to Carmarthen, who had Casey Thomas sent off. Scott Ruscoe set Xxxxxx on their way before Michael Wilde struck twice to complete Xxxxxx’ title defence and seal their seventh league title.

Earlier today the Carmarthen v Airbus match was postponed because the officials didn’t turn up (This isn’t an April Fool) and the BBC’s website donated this much coverage to the story;

“Welsh Premier League game off amid officials’ absence

A Welsh Premier League clash has been postponed because no match officials turned up to take charge.

The league’s Championship Conference clash between Carmarthen Town and second-placed Airbus UK, of Broughton in north Wales, ended up being postponed for a second time.

BBC Sport Wales understands no officials were booked to officiate the match at Richmond Park.

That meant a wasted seven-hour round trip for Broughton and their fans.

League organisers tweeted:  “WPL would like to apologise for the fact Carmarthen v Airbus UK postponed. Normal procedure of re-appointing officials not followed.

“WPL would like to clearly state that no blame should be aimed at the match officials.”

The league was won on Saturday by XXX XXX XXXXXX, who beat Prestatyn Town 4-1.”

The fact the BBC can’t even be bothered get basic information – like the club that XXX XXX XXXXXX beat on Saturday and the score – correct, and then fail to change it after a few hours, probably says something about the BBC’s attitude to Welsh domestic football. While we’re on the subject, a few weeks ago BBC Wales thought that an inept looking womens’ team was worthy of this much coverage.

Caerphilly Castle Ladies FC leave league after 43-0 loss

A football team who suffered a 43-0 defeat at the weekend have withdrawn from the league they were playing in.

Caerphilly Castle Ladies’ results in the Women’s Welsh Premier League will be wiped out.

This season the side, whose first team walked out last summer, also found themselves on the wrong end of 36-0, 28-0 and 26-0 scorelines.

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) said the club had taken the move “with regret”.

The team, known as the Castle, found themselves in the headlines following the latest defeat, which meant the side had let in 219 goals and scored just one in 10 games.

Club officials had said earlier this week they were putting a “brave face” on the results and had no intention of giving up, but the statement issued through the FAW indicated the club will focus on bringing on youth players.

It said: “With regret, the club has decided to withdraw its membership from the Welsh Premier Women’s League with immediate effect.

“Caerphilly Castle is very proud of its tradition of nurturing young footballing talent over the years but the club has found it difficult to compete at the highest level of Welsh Women’s Football this season”

“The committed officials of the club fully intend to continue their passion of developing players throughout the different age groups and hope to return to the Welsh Premier Women’s League as soon as possible.”

The senior team’s results will be wiped from the records, but the club wished the 11 sides remaining in the league luck for the rest of the season.

In terms of numbers participating at all levels, Caerphilly Castle rival Cardiff City for the title of biggest women’s club in Wales.

They finished mid-table in the last two Welsh Premier League seasons, and in 2010 lifted the Welsh League Cup.

While you could argue that mistakes – like match officials not turning up – shouldn’t happen and may need highlighting I’m not sure an institution that claims to represent all of Welsh sport should wilfully encourage people to look down Welsh domestic football.

While Aunty’s representatives can’t wait to let us know about embarrassing little issues they’re a bit more reticent if you want proper news about the weekly affairs of the WPL, stuff  like pre-match team news, quite often they can’t even be bothered to display the correct fixtures.

I would expect haughty sniggering from publications such as Nuts, Loaded or FHM because they employ hairless chimps as “journalists” but the BBC is supposed to be about higher ideals. Mind you to be fair to the BBC they need all their website space to highlight important events like…..  “Malky Mackay hails ‘huge’ clean sheet” .



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