Repeating oneself

12 03 2013
Bangor City 1 Airbus UK Broughton 0
Welsh Cup Quarter Final

It’s odd that people can dread something if they think too much about it. In theory if you think about something the main thing that should happen is that you’re more prepared for whatever could happen. On the other hand events don’t happen in a vacuum and we are often affected by the general mood.

I was doing alright in the days before the match then the general mood made my think about Bangor’s next two matches. I started to dread the fact that we had to play Airbus twice in our next two matches. I not only feared that we’d be knocked out to the Welsh cup but also that we’d also go further behind them in the league. I dreaded the thought that we’d have to do without European football.

I couldn’t help dreading these matches as the general mood was full of negativity. Airbus looked almost secure in 2nd place in the league (Second place grants qualification to European competition) and the Welsh Cup looked like our only route to Europe. Then I reminded myself that Airbus are playing well – I saw Airbus v XXX XXX XXXXXX on the TV and Airbus should have gained something from the match – so adding everything together the situation didn’t appear to be very hopeful.

Of course when the dreaded event is happening it’s often not as bad as you thought it would be. This match certainly wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Bangor went in front after about 20 minutes and not only held the lead but also withstood the physical assault – and I use that word advisedly – of Airbus’ muscular approach.

It’s always nice to feel the relief after a cup result goes your way. We were nearly in Europe! All we had to do was avoid XXX XXX XXXXXX in the draw. When we avoided them we’d already have a place in Europe as they would already have a Champions League place, and we wouldn’t even have to win the cup to play in Europe next season.

The elation lasted 10 minutes; we drew XXX XXX XXXXXX.

Ah well, back to the dread again.

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Bangor City 2 Airbus UK Broughton 0
Welsh Premier League

I was wary about presumption. Last week’s match may have gone out way but this week’s match was a whole new kettle of fish. This point was underlined by the goalless first half.

There was a bit of tension but it was manageable. I can deal with tension when matches settle down to a pattern, I find the pattern has a soothing effect. Today’s pattern was entitled “Strangulated Hope” as neither side could manage to create a lot.

Without much to worry about my mind wandered, I was able to notice Airbus UK’s sartorial approach. Two of their players were wearing a different coloured boot on each foot. This may have been ok if the two players were sharing a pair of boots but they weren’t sharing a pair of boots.

Both players wore their mismatched boots in the same style; an orange and black boot on the left foot and a yellow and blue boot on the right. As Airbus have signed a lot of players from Northwich Victoria I thought this may have been some kind of Cheshire fashion thing.

The second half was the same as the first – Bangor missing shots, or not crossing to the right place in the area and Airbus failing to take advantage of their breaks – so I had more chances to think about the sartorial issues before me. The adidas predators they wore wearing cost over £100 a pair to buy, was this fashion statement worth the time, effort and money? Were the duo using Footballers’ shorthand to have a go at less well-off teammates and opponents? “Oh look at us!! We’ve got enough money to buy two pairs of predators! Kneel before us peasants!!” Were they just pricks?

In the last 15 minutes the match increased in tension as the luxury of time began to ebb. Bangor needed to win, a draw wasn’t good enough. Bangor kept pushing, and kept pushing, but couldn’t find a way through.

When Gary O’Toole entered proceedings I shouted a telling instruction….”Get O’Toole in the box!!” Thirty seconds later my tactical masterplan had worked! O’Toole’s head met the ball and the ball ended up in the goal. People around me were transformed from coiled springs to bounding Zebedees. The second goal topped everything off.

It’s amazing just how one simple goal changes peoples’ emotions. Take two matches, they’re identical until the 87th minute. They’ve had the same mistakes, the same ineptitude, the same attritional tactics. Now imagine one of the matches remains goalless whereas in the other one there are goals in the 88th and 90th minutes. It’s amazing how one result will frustrate people whereas the other will make people very very happy.

I sat in the clubhouse surrounded by faces that were uncreased by worry or frustration. Laughter and frivolity was everywhere. This is the magic of that solitary goal (or in our case two ) but that’s football for you!

mar9a 474




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