A question of trust

1 03 2013

Today Ian from 200% asked if we can trust Vincent Tan. Ian simply contrasted the words of this week with the words of last May. The words of this week:

I can assure all supporters that we will not be changing our name from Cardiff City Football Club, a club I am very proud to be a part of. Our name is our identity and remains at our core. I would not want any of our supporters to be concerned that this change would be made, hoping that this personal commitment from myself removes any fears.

I believe the colour change is positive and will bring good tidings to Cardiff City Football Club. At this point of time, no decision has been made to change the club crest for the next season.

For the present day, all I would ask is that we all join together, continuing your excellent support at what is a critical juncture in our season. Our collective aim is to back Malky Mackay and his team as they work hard to bring us all success. Working together we can achieve great things in the name of Cardiff City Football Club.

The words of last May:

We have no desire to cause offence or for people to think we have no respect for the club or its history as it would appear has been suggested in various quarters including by local assembly members. We would have hoped that the significant investment made to date would have already demonstrated our good faith in that regard. Indeed, we are disappointed that anybody would think the contrary. In the light of the vociferous opposition by a number of the fans to the proposals being considered as expressed directly to our local management and through various media and other outlets, we will not proceed with the proposed change of colour and logo and the team will continue to play in blue at home for the next season with the current badge.

Can you trust the man behind both sets of words? Can you trust this man?


Can you trust any man that tucks his replica shirt in? Can you ever trust a club owner in a replica shirt? Can you trust a club owner that wears a replica shirt over a normal shirt? Can you trust a club owner that’s so anxious to win people over he’s willing to conduct a television interview looking like a darts player that’s gone to seed? Can you trust a club owner that’s allowed Kirstie Allsopp to redecorate his club office?

When I saw a video earlier today I thought that I may’ve misjudged him. Maybe he’s not so bad after all, his employees like him so much that they made this celebratory video;

Judging by the lyrics Mr. Burns could be based on Vinny;

“Come and invest in our shops, You will go rich never stop, No-one’s gloomy or complaining while Papa John’s Entertaining”

“WE LOVE HIM, WE LOVE HIM, WE LOVE HIM and where Tan Sri goes I’ll follow!!!”

“Try the latte, it’s delicious, don’t believe me? Ask Kenny Rogers!!!”

This has got to be the worst video featuring the thumbprint of a self-serving  club owner since this abomination;




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