A scarf for your soul? Part 4

19 02 2013

Tonight’s the night of the big scarf giveaway so the was only one thing to do; take to Twitter and see what was happening. I had an idea what I might see from the following interchange between a principled fan of my acquaintance and a willing dupe;

@jordanjonesy tweeted “Easy to say ‘I won’t turn up’ its another thing actually doing it”

@mirkobolesan replied “I wouldn’t turn up”, then I did it. Cardiff in red? No thanks. No one is forcing you to go.”

@jordanjonesy replied “Some people have, some people haven’t, I like going”

Sadly tonight went as expected…………..

@garethbakery tweeted “Cardiff City Stadium is littered with cheap, red scarves. I feel ill”

@garethbakery tweeted “Hundreds of fans missing the kick off to instead join a 10minute queue to get free red scarves. I’ll let you judge our fan base #CardiffCity

@elmozzarino tweetedReally disappointing to see the no. of red scarfs on display at Cardiff tonight. Handed out on entry. Acceptance optional.”

@russwilliams_uk tweeted “I’m disappointed in the people of Cardiff”

@Gwernaldinho tweeted Plenty of red scarves being thrown on the pitch now the score is 2-0.  Shows the fickle fans this new bunch really are.”

@christheseagull tweeted “Cardiff City are handing out free red scarves (new Cardiff club colours) to Brighton fans. Go figure”

@AndyNaylorArgus tweeted “Red scarf giveaway is not just for fans. A pile of them in the press room too. Good time for #bhafc to leave Cardiff feeling blue.”

@SwfcAsh91 tweeted “Cardiff fans still goin on about colour of their kit? Get a grip your top of league id happily play in red and white if wednesday was top!!’

A couple of photos had been posted too. While one was unsettling…….
……the other was far more hopeful, it was an eloquent comment on the scarf giveaway;
Cardiff 7



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