A scarf for your soul?

15 02 2013

The other day Cardiff City’s owners announced that they were handing red scarves to all their fans on Saturday  in order to say “thanks for their support this season.” What a lovely gesture!! “We will be giving every Cardiff City  supporter a free high quality scarf as a means to keep warm.” Yes what a lovely gesture, it’s not a bribe at all, no way.

Mind you when you look at the contents of the e-mail……..

“The cold-snap seems intent on snapping further every week, so next Tuesday night as we host Brighton, we will be giving every Cardiff City supporter a FREE high quality scarf as a means to keep warm, the club saying a big thank you for your support this season.

Each scarf will be handed out on arrival at the stadium – for this game only – and will become your special entry pass into our 2013/14 season ticket competition for the rest of the campaign.

During every home game from Tuesday until the final fixture we will be keeping our cameras tracked on supporters wearing or waving their ‘City scarf. Photos will be taken in the concourses, stands, hospitality areas and more, forming a part of our post match FACEBOOK galleries.

After each game we will publish the photo of each lucky winner – and if it’s YOU, we will refund your season ticket for the season ahead. Check our Facebook page, giving us a LIKE while you’re  there to make sure you get notified as soon as the galleries go live, including the winning photo!”

(The e-mail was put on the When Saturday Comes message board)

Come on Cardiff fans, just submit to The Man and you can have a few hundred pounds!!!

In the summer I naively thought that Cardiff fans were united in their opposition to the red shirt but my illusions didn’t make it past September, they were shattered by a solitary bloke in a red shirt at a zebra crossing near Cardiff’s bus station. I thought the Cardiff fans would be able to see through shoddy PR tactics but when your club is top of the Championship you just meekly accept red gifts. Listen to “fan and Dirty Sanchez star Matt Pritchard”;

I support Cardiff City, that is my team, and that is who I support,” the  39-year-old said. “There are so many anal people moaning and groaning about the colour. I said it on Twitter once and I had nothing but abuse. As far as I am  concerned Cardiff City is blue, but I’m not going to cry about it. As long as  they play well, happy days.”

Mind you let’s not judge him too harshly, Pritchard likes people to staple his scrotum to planks of wood. Plus, he’s not the only fan to be attracted to free things at matches;

Cardiff 1

Cardiff 3

Cardiff 4

Cardiff 2

You should be able to rely on fans doing the right thing but a lot of the time they’re content to wave something bright and shiny.




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