Don’t you just love football!!!

18 01 2013

On Wednesday Southampton rather fantastically earned a draw at Stamford Bridge, I say “rather fantastically” because they were losing 2-0 at one point. The result left Southampton 15 points from a European place.

Today Southampton’s chairman sacked their manager Nigel Adkins, Bangor City’s ex-goalkeeping player-manager. If the decision looks stupid in terms of last Sunday it looks even worse in the context of the last two and a bit seasons; Nigel has won two promotions and was doing a good job of keeping them in the premier league.

Shortly after I digested the vainglorious stupidity of Southampton’s chairman I read the WSC website and found that Luton fans would rather pay £30 instead of £10 for FA Cup tickets;

“……..Criticised for pricing a League Cup tie against Tottenham at £30 this season (for a crowd of 16,465), Norwich City chief executive David McNally went to the fans to gain a consensus for the price of the quarter-final against Aston Villa. It was agreed that £25 was fair and the subsequent – admittedly a further round into the competition – match saw the attendance rise to 26,142. For modern football, this was something approaching democracy.

So, when Norwich priced the upcoming FA Cup fourth round tie against Luton at £10, with under-16s paying £1, you would have expected to hear the cheers all the way from the Wensum westward to the land of the cut-price flight. Only some Luton fans were not happy. The prices, they said, were “too cheap”.

In the FA Cup revenue is split, with the home team receiving a 40 per cent share, ten per cent to the FA Pool while a non-League away team receives half of the gate receipts. With Luton fans miffed at the £10 fee (the minimum price as laid down by the FA), a scheme was devised by the club to aid those Hatters fans eager to pay more – £5 being the agreed top-up to aid Luton’s youth development programme.

It’s hard to gauge what the crowd would have been with a ticket price of around £25 but it is likely the income would have been greater with a guaranteed 4,000 sell-out for the visitors and a higher price for kids, even if there was a significantly lower percentage of home fans, some fearing a repeat of the Spurs match.”

Do the Luton fans realise that they come across like a person that wanders into HMV and says “You’ll get another job but I’ve lost my fucking £20!”.

I came across another post on the WSC website. It seems that Ajax have been fined 10,000 Euros because their fans displayed “provocative” banners that “created unrest” in their champions league match with Man City. The Huffington Post contained pictures of the offensive banners;




While most of the banners were directed against their opponents there was a supportive banner as well;


Don’t you love UEFA!!! Platini “despises the motives of some club owners” yet UEFA penalises fans when they use less genteel language to express the same sentiments. It seems that fans are supposed to meekly accept nature of contemporary football. We’re supposed to buy premium tickets for premium products, put on our jester hats and smile at the camera like labotimised simpletons.

Contemporary football is great!! Managers get the sack when things have been going well for more than two years!!! Some fans don’t want cheap tickets!!! And best of all, fans get fined by a governing body if they say the same things as the head of the governing body!!!




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18 01 2013

Silly me!

18 01 2013
Jac o' the North

Actually, Southampton drew with Chelsea on Wednesday.

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