The best and worst of 2012

30 12 2012

(Idea borrowed from When Saturday Comes)

Best moments

– The publication of “The Report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel”.
15th April – Neath away.
– Seeing Graham Alexander score with a free kick in the last minute of his last game for Preston.
– Wiggo dans le maillot jaune.
– Gareth Bale’s last minute goal against Scotland.
– The constant reminders that football in its present form has pissed off a lot of people, one day enough will be enough.

Worst moments

The lowlights included;

– Bangor City losing a 3-0 lead last Friday night.
– Dealing with bellends on social media.
– Reading football related depravity on social media.
– MK Dons’ last minute winner in December’s FA Cup match.
– Didier Drogba’s last minute equaliser in May.
– Didier Drogba’s winning penalty in May.
– Gareth Bale’s exaggerated battle with gravity
– Gareth Bale complaining that he’s victimised.
– Being confronted by Karl “Shithead” Robinson and Mark “Clem Clem Clem” Clemmit every Saturday.
– Cardiff City in red.

The worst thing about 2012 wasn’t a single event, it was the oppressively omnipresent bullshit surrounding football. You couldn’t get away from it, it coated the front pages, it was in ITV’s ludicrous adverts, it was in the conversations I overheard.

As for the events, they were nothing but bullshit and hype; Cardiff in Red …. John Terry Captain, Leader, Legend …. Adrian Chiles’ inquisition of the Polish weather god…. This picture ….


(Picture courtesy of the When Saturday Comes message board)

There was something about football in 2012 that I couldn’t get in to. The football that they told me to be interested in – Euro 2012, the champions league and the FA Cup Final – passed me by in a blur. The most basic facts –  largest transfer fee, pass completion rates in the odd minutes of matches that are played in months beginning with M, player amortisation versus image rights ratios – ceased to draw my interest. I don’t even know which club Steve Bruce is managing nowadays.

When I’m not with righteous people I’m marooned on an island of normality with only a growing alienation for company.

My hopes for 2013

People taking football a bit less seriously



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