Some matches from December 2012

19 12 2012
Bangor City 4 Aberdare Town 1
Welsh Cup 4th Round

Les, Rich and I spent the morning selling lots of stuff in Bangor’s Christmas market. The “Farewell to Farrar” books went like the proverbial hot cakes. Small articles in local free newspapers are more effective adverts than I used to give them credit for.

At some point in the morning Les, or Rich, told me that about 70 Aberdare fans would be coming up for the match. I couldn’t think of anything that would disprove such a bold statement, this was a Welsh Cup weekend and we were Bangor City.

The morning sun lulled me into thinking it would be a fine day but the bloody rain appeared just before kick off. I hate being outside when it rains. I already had a nasty feeling that things would go wrong in today’s match before the rain fell. The rain, the rain. Why does it always rain on me? This is how the rain affects me, I start quoting Travis and I fucking hate Travis. Thankfully the match was mostly positive.

While it’s undeniable that Bangor did most of the scoring the bare scoreline doesn’t tell the full story. The scoreline doesn’t do Aberdare justice, it doesn’t tell you how well their keeper played, or that they hit the woodwork twice, or that they wore a nice Penarol-esque kit. Scorelines are complete bastards aren’t they? They sit there implicating hammerings.

Bangor were through to the next round, hooray!!! We drew Connah’s Quay away in the next round, not so exciting.

dec9 039

Bangor City 2 Carmarthen Town 2
Welsh Premier League

Another Saturday, another stall. The books again sold like the hottest of hot cakes. If sales continue at this rate we won’t have any books left by the middle of January. This situation would be excellent as it would make the construction of the peoples’ terrace seem closer (The proceeds from the book sales go towards the fund to build a new terrace). You may have already guessed that the terrace fund is being raised by volunteers. I obviously can’t speak for other people but volunteering gives me a real self-satisfied glow. In my experience volunteers often need this glow to combat feelings of negativity and/or discouragement.

The glow helped enormously today, it helped me to deal with the following; browsers asking loads of questions then buggering off, other browsers making us think they were going to buy something before buggering off, people walking past 5 times and not even having the common decency to acknowledge our existence. The glow helped us deal with premier league replica shirt wearers. Most pretended not to notice us but the haughty ones made it plain that our goods were beneath their contempt. The glow helped me process the idea that most premier league replica shirt wearers are simply “too busy” to spare a second thought about their local club. Incidentally we sold a bit more stuff at the ground as well.

Even though I knew I was doing something righteous this morning I still had a nasty feeling. I just knew today’s match would be difficult. I didn’t share my worries because that would make them appear more real. I tried hard not to remember that Carmarthen had beaten XXX XXX XXXXXX and drawn with Prestatyn but I couldn’t stop remembering these facts.

Carmarthen confirmed my worries by scoring in the first few minutes. They also looked “up for it”, I wondered if their captain had set the tone. I couldn’t help noticing him before the match, with his bicep-enhancing rolled up sleeves and his hands on hips “Look at me, I’m a big hard hero type” pose. The display of ostentatious hyper-masculinity disgusted me and pumped up at the same time, I was so pumped up by the waves of alpha-maleness I picked up a nearby polystyrene tray and crushed it in one go. I’m sure that the whole of Anglesey and Snowdonia, as well as passing planes were touched by the radiating waves of alpha-maleness. The captain wore number 6 and the name “C EVANS”. I committed these facts to my memory bank of dickheads.

Either the waves from the Narcissus at Number 6 influenced Carmarthen’s less than dainty approach, or “Smash it!!” had been the most common instruction in their changing room, let’s just say that the ball was never left unsmashed when it reached empty space and leave it at that. To judge from the way Carmarthen pawed Bangor’s players they were transfixed by the feel of our shirts. I thought this was a bit weird because their kit was exactly the same design as Bangor’s, they would already know what the jerseys felt like!!! And another thing, Carmarthen’s away kit may be very fetching but why were they wearing it? I hate modern football.

Another game, another ref fails to award Bangor something at a critical point. Today Bangor were denied a penalty even after a clear handball. Somehow Bangor managed put everything that conspired against them to one side and take the lead before half time. Ryan Edwards’ goal was fantastic; he beat a defender before unleashing a fabulous shot. Chris Jones scored the second to make everyone relax.

I can’t realy tell you about exact events in the first half of the second half because I was having a chat with Ian. All I can say for certain was that I think Bangor created enough chances to enjoy a comfortable lead. When the match had my full attention I saw that Bangor were still creating chances. We only needed one more goal to make the result safe yet the goal wouldn’t come. After about 70 minutes three players left the pitch. Two of Carmarthen’s players were still sufficiently motivated by alpha maleness to develop a normal situation in to an aggressive situation. Bangor’s Liam Brownhill also saw red for an unknown reason.

I added Bangor’s numerical advantage in terms of goals to their numerical advantage in terms of players and mentally relaxed; the match was going to be won. There would be loads of space for Bangor to play with. We’d hit them on the break really easily. It was going to be so so easy. Of course Carmarthen equalised.

At the end of the match Carmarthen celebrated like the result meant something. This felt a bit much. The main reason they earned a point was the “heroics” of their keeper.

Dec15 023



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19 12 2012
Joe Shooman

funnily enough I interviewed someone a couple of weeks back who has set up a volunteer social network thing so that charities and volunteers can find each other. She said that a crucial part of people’s volunteering experience is exactly the feeling of well-being at having contributed. It’s not an entirely altruistic process – the positive self-congratulation is a key part of the process as well.
So there.

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