Football & Christmas = Mistletoe & Wine

13 12 2012

I came across the interesting sentence as I perused the When Saturday Comes message board yesterday; “Here’s something that captures the spirit of the season – if you associate Christmas with bleakness and despair.” Naturally I clicked on the video underneath the sentence. My curiosity was well rewarded; I’d discovered a downbeat Christmas masterpiece;

I suddenly saw an untapped market to exploit; footballers doing downbeat Christmas classics. I saw a new way that Mark “Lawro” Lawrensen  could tug at our nation’s heartstrings. I saw “Lawro speaks the classics!!!”  I resolved to travel to Salford, I’d doorstep him as he was leaving the Match of the Day studio and pitch my idea. I could see the advert already;

” K-Tel offers YOU the chance to own Lawro’s heartfelt rendition of “I saw three ships”….

“I saw three ships come sailing in, come sailing in, on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day. One ran aground and another sank, on Christmas day in the morning.

Well what do you expect they weren’t very well-built were they? I said the shipyard was going to struggle at the start of the season”

Mind you, on second thoughts, perhaps this isn’t a good idea. Perhaps I shouldn’t go to see Lawro in Salford.

Yet again Half Man Half Biscuit has made me think again. I remembered that it’s clichéd to be cynical at Christmas. We should be happy at Christmas. When I was growing up footballers certainly seemed to have a laugh at Christmas. All of them, Gary Shaw, Phil Neal, Romeo Zondervan, dressed up as Santa for Shoot and Match, even managers like Bob Paisley got dressed up;


Thankfully there’s still a nice connection between Christmas and football, even at Man City. Here’s Mario!;

Now here’s Mario and friends;

Here’s some Arsenal players having fun;

This is more like it! Here’s a bit more of the traditional goodwill to all men approach;


APTOPIX DEU HH Weihnacht Fussball









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