A few Bangor City reports

11 10 2012
Newtown 3 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League 

It was sunshine all the way to Newtown, even when we were stuck in the queue to get into Newtown. The usual haunts provided their usual fayre and it was all most welcome. The chips were particularly nice. Anyway, Chris Simm scored to give us the lead but Newtown equalised with a crappy goal that seemed to take a massive deflection. One of Newtown’s player assaulted our captain like the twat he obviously is. During the second half the match looked to be petering out in to a soulless draw. Then Bully and Mark Smyth came on and combined to put us ahead. Such joy from such movement!!Unfortunately Newtown contrived to win the match by taking advantage of some defensive laxity. I can’t stand announcers that make a big thing of their team scoring winning goals, it’s so unseemly.

Footwear; Black Adidas Kicks. Unlucky?

Bangor City 7 Aberystwyth Town 1
Welsh Premier League

Today’s match was the closest home match to the 50th anniversary of Bangor City v Napoli (5th September 1962) so this day was declared “Napoli Day”. We had grand-ish plans for an all day party. Several veterans from 1962 were coming. I managed to contact the Napoli London supporters’ club and they were up for popping along, especially because there was going to be a fans’ match. After the supporters’ match we were going to show the Pathé news clip in the clubhouse, then we’d have a party. Everyone was up for it, me, the BCFCSA, Marco and the Napoli fans, even Nev was up for taking part in the match. Marco said he’d sort out a telegram from Napoli’s president. We even made a limited edition t-shirt. Things were going to be great! Things were going great!

Things were going too great……. Marco phoned 2 days before the big day. I knew what he was going to say from the ringtone. DISASTER!!! The Napoli fans wouldn’t be coming. Bollocks, it was going to be a beautiful day of football friendship. Anyway, the match was obviously fantastic, the three veterans of the Napoli match led the players on to the pitch and Bangor City were 3-0 up after 9 minutes and 6-1 up after 35. Aber’s players even wanted to score for us! We still watched the Pathé  footage. ‘twas a good day seeing semi-pros win against suave Italian football aristos.

Footwear; Red Diadora Cross 70s. Lucky?

Aberystwyth Town 0 Bangor City 0
Welsh Premier League
I’d have been able to go to this match but the fucking FAW decided to schedule it for a Tuesday, the cunts.
Airbus UK Broughton 2 Bangor City 3
Welsh Premier League

Bloody hell, Airbus on a Saturday!! Bloody hell, Airbus in the sun!! Bloody Hell, cheap pints in the clubhouse!!! Bloody Hell Simmo and his first half hatrick!! Bloody Hell, lots of Northwich Victoria fans following their old heroes to their new home!!! Bloody Hell, Bangor a little shaky at the back!! Bloody Hell, Airbus players lucky to be on the pitch after committing worse fouls than James Collins last night!! Bloody Hell, another three points!!

Footwear; Maroon Adidas Spezials. Lucky?

Bangor City 4 Afan Lido 1
Welsh Premier League

Holy cow, it’s literally raining goals in the Welsh Premier League this season. It was only 1-1 at half time, which was weird because after Bangor’s goal we threatened to run riot, as they say. Mind you there was no panic. In the second half we smoothly took control. We smoothly passed and moved and smoothly scored some good goals. Bangor’s Citizen’s Wall had it’s ceremonial opening today.

Footwear; Grey Adidas Trimm Trabbs. Lucky?

XXX XXX XXXXXX X Bangor City 0
Welsh Premier League

A match happened on this afternoon.

Carmarthen Town 0 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

When you’ve travelled on a train for 6 hours there are few more welcome sights than a pub offering a gammon and pineapple baguette. The match was a bit like a driving test; something we just had to get through. After Simmo scored in the second minute it felt as though we were on Easy Street, by the end of the match it felt as though we were on Discomfort Avenue. Thankfully we held out. The train journey home was joy after joy; from the ex-Carmarthen player wishing us well to the cast of Pobl-y-Cwm going for a night out in Swansea; from the Scousers visiting friends in Swansea jail to the fully grown adults, with the vote and everything, wearing Cardiff City’s red shirt on the mean streets of the capital, from the drunk Cofis going home from Chester races to the screaming harridans of Rhyl going home from Chester Races. Why couldn’t Chester stop hosting race meetings?

Footwear; Black Adidas Munchens. Lucky?

Bangor City 5 Bala Town 0
Welsh Premier League

Is it me or are Bangor playing really well. It was just like watching Brazil in their away kit. Touch, poise, technique. I believe the correct phrase is; “Sion was on fire” and he was metaphorically setting fire to the pitch. The third was particularly beautiful. Brownhill played it to Simmo, Simmo passed it back to Brownhill because he had sauntered on to the edge of the box. Brownhill then passed the ball in to the corner of the goal. It was simply magic stuff.

Footwear; All Black Adidas Gazelles; Well-worn.

Bala Town 6 Bangor City 1
The Word Cup (The League Cup in old money)

Fuck me, that’s all I can say. I couldn’t give a shit that we got knocked out or that we lost 6-1, it’s not the end of the world. It was the boneheaded approach of Bala’s manager that really pissed on my chips. If victory means having to cripple the opposition then you can shove victory up your arse. Life’s too short for thuggish pyrrhic victories.

Footwear; Black Adidas Kicks; sooooooooo unlucky.




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