Be careful what you write on the World Wide Web!!!!

8 08 2012

A few weeks ago I introduced Bangor City’s new kits with a flourish; I boldly claimed that a brochure had been produced to commemorate the event;

“Here’s what the brochure says about the away kit;

“…….. We wanted to honour the history of Bangor City so we opted for the particular shade of red known as ”St. Paul’s End Red”. This shade of red is known as “St. Paul’s End Red” because it was the exact shade of anti-vandal paint that Bangor City used on the wall at the back of the St. Paul’s End in Farrar Road………”

I have to something confess, there was no brochure. I aspired towards a satire of American football kit manufacturers so I simply whisked the idea out of the ether. I also made up the reason why Bangor City chose that particular shade of red as well because the shade of red they chose is actually 2 shades past the “St. Paul’s End  anti-vandal paint crimson” in the “Dulux Bespoke Anti-Vandal Paint Collection 2012” catalogue.

I have to confess all this because it seems that my attempt at comedy has appeared on another, altogether more serious, website. It has appeared on the rather wonderful Historical Football Kits website;


In case you can’t read the photo, the page read;

“According to one Llandudno blogger, the new away strip is St Paul’s End Red because it is the exact shade of the anti-vandal paint used by the club on the back wall of the ground.”

So like I said in the title be careful what you put on the internet!



One response

8 08 2012

Ha! This is your, ‘It Ain’t Half Man, Mum’ moment.

This, also, has the possibility of a snowball; if it is picked up by others as fact. I’m impressed.

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