Would you like to buy one of my t-shirts for the “London Quadrennial Multi-Sports Event being held between the years 2011 and 2013”?

23 07 2012

Praise be, for the Olympics™ are nearly upon us!!!! 

Thanks to the literally groundbreaking deal between Lord Coe™, all heads of state and all of the world’s religious leaders Olympic Week™ has been instituted. We are now officially in Olympic Week™ Rejoice my brethren, rejoice!!! 

During the negotiations it was agreed that all hostilities, nastiness, poverty and human degradation would cease for the duration of the Olympic Games™ in order to respect the Olympic Spirit™. Lord Coe™ told us that we must respect the Olympic Spirit™ because by doing this we would be  respecting the sanctity of the glorious sponsors. He finished his lecture by telling us that without saintly sponsors the world would not be such a glorious place.

Unfortunately it’s not all sunshine and roses for us, the all-encompassing nature of Olympic Week™ means that you will probably be doing something that runs counter to the wholesome Olympic Spirit™. You don’t have to do too much to contravene the wholesome Olympic Sprit™ all you need to do is take too much food or bottled water into the Olympic Park™. Wearing the wrong type of clothing will also land you in trouble. For example take this t-shirt;

You may have thought you were celebrating an iconic Olympic™ image by wearing a t-shirt like this but you were actually committing an act of sedition against the Olympic Spirit™. Now consider the idea that you might walk around the Olympic Park™ in this shirt;

A person could be thrown out of the Olympic Park™ for wearing this shirt. It won’t matter that the person had been watching an Argentinian team play or supporting an athlete that’s a well-known Boca fan. The security personal won’t care if the person had nothing else clean to wear. All that will matter is that the shirt bears the logo of Pepsi and this is considered subversive by Lord Coe™.

We all need to be careful over the next three weeks because we may suffer the same fate as comedian Stewart Lee, he was locked up for taking the name of the Olympics™ in vain.

On the other hand what the world really needs is a t-shirt that lets people know what you think about the load of bollocks known as “London 20.…. ahem, I mean, “The London Quadrennial Multi-Sports Event being held between the years 2011 and 2013“. Therefore the Llandudno Jet Set has designed a summer 2012 t-shirt collection. Here it is!!!

Firstly, we have the Icon Range;

Secondly, we have the Slogan Range;

Why not cut a dash and make a social comment at the same time!!!


– The T-Shirts will not bestow super powers upon the wearer.

– All T-Shirts are officially licensed products* from the organising committee of the Llandudno Jet Set.

*We say “licensed products” as if we’re going to prosecute anyone that borrows the designs, copies the design, or becomes inspired enough to mass-produce t-shirts and then hand them out to every Lord Coe™ hating dissident in the UK. Don’t worry we’re not going to do that, so mass-produce away!! Make it happen people, make it happen!!**

** The Llandudno Jet Set cannot be held liable for any legal proceedings arising from the wearing of t-shirts.




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