Upon finding a bag of old programmes…….

22 07 2012

A few months ago a shady gentleman entered the club shop and thrust a full carrier bag in my general direction before leaving in a hurry. I looked inside the carrier bag, it was full of old Bangor City programmes from the 1950s and ’60s. I took the bag home and forgot about it. Last week, as I was tidying my palatial abode, I found the carrier bag again.

The contents of the carrier bag are fantastic pieces of history. As I read the programmes I felt as though I was peering into a lost world. For example, this is what home programmes looked like for years;

You don’t see many hand drawn covers now. The away programmes were mostly from Bangor City’s time in the Cheshire League. The club names show us that the past took place in a different country;

The more modern programmes in the bag, they also suggested a lost world…..;

….. a world where Welsh club would play each other in English cup competitions;

The bag also contained a couple of notable programmes. There was one from Bangor City’s first match in the Northern Premier League (Bangor were founding members);

There was also a programme from one of Bangor City’s first matches in the Conference (Again Bangor were founding members);

As you would imagine the programmes were mostly full of adverts however, there were interesting nuggets here and there. For example there were upsetting adverts;

There were mentions of future television presenters;

There was conviviality towards Welsh visitors;

There were philosophical musings;

There was even thinly veiled sarcasm;

In case you’re wondering this page was taken from the programme for the Bangor v Southport FA Cup 2nd round match on November 26th 195….. (I’d like to tell you the exact year but the programme won’t tell me.).

And the moral of this story is…..when a bloke leaves a bag full of stuff inside a club shop have a look inside it.




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