Football fans and their wily ways

16 07 2012

“Normal people” would stay clear of court cases involving emotive issues. “Normal people” wouldn’t celebrate when a pantomime villain is let of. Some football fans are obviously not “normal people”.

Here’s some Chelsea fans that turned out to support JT, their “Captain, Leader, Legend” (copyright of some pricks from London), in court;

(People on twitter publicised the pictures)

Even though their hero’s conduct has been rather unseemly they still felt the need to act like that.  What the hell did they think they were doing? Did they think they were celebrating another victory? If I were a Chelsea fan I’d be deeply embarrassed by their actions.

This kind of bovine stupidity is killing the soul of football. It’s a good job that the contemptible spectacle of the world’s greatest league  has already alienated me otherwise I’d be approaching depression.




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