Bangor City in Europe 2012

15 07 2012
Bangor City 0 Zimbru Chisinau 0
UEFA Europa League

There was something odd about this draw; Bangor City were seeded. I’ll repeat that; Bangor City were seeded. Yes you heard it right Bangor City were seeded for a European draw.

The enormity of this fact still hasn’t sunk in, bloody hell we were seeded. This kind of thing doesn’t happen to us, big clubs are seeded, not Bangor City. The really weird thing is that Bangor City (280th)  have a higher European ranking than European aristocrats Honved (282nd).

Anyway as we were seeded we could have drawn any of these clubs; Zimbru Chişinău, JJK , ÍBV,  Portadown , Gandzasar, La Fiorita.

We ended up with Zimbru, this was quite annoying because they were the fourth highest unseeded club. We didn’t know much about them but as they were from Eastern Europe you can take it as red they will be skillful, damn!!!

If only we’d drawn Portadown!!! Bangor fans would have had more confidence with these opponents; we’d drawn 0-0 with Linfield, the perennial Northern Irish champions, on the Saturday before this match. That trip would have been far easier to organise too.

As the match was Bangor City’s first European home match in Bangor for 14 years the anticipation was understandably great. Consequently the match was a sell out. The sun was also out and this was blessed relief during the “worst summer in living memory”. Was the sun shining on Bangor in a spiritual sense as well?

Well only partly. They could have scored a couple, they also hit the woodwork. We could have scored a couple, we also hit the woodwork. These pictures tell a more adequate story than my words;

Zimbru Chisinau 2 Bangor City 1
UEFA Europa League

There was plenty of hope that Bangor would be going through to meet Young Boys in the Wankdorf. I relished my potential European trip; Switzerland wasn’t too far away, flights were cheap. I was quietly confident. I would have been loudly confident but none of my workmates were interested.

Everybody’s confidence centred around a single idea; considering Zimbru were a professional team they didn’t look that good. They’d also sacked their manager after the draw in Nantporth because Bangor were a semi-professional team. It looked so good!

Many Bangor fans weren’t able to go so a bar, RJ’s, was kindly showing the match via a satellite feed. Loads of people were going to be there. I would go as far as to say that I was very excited by the match. It was going to be another glorious chapter in our club’s European history. Yes, I was so excited by it all.

I was so excited by the prospect that went to a meeting in Llandudno instead of going to RJ’s. In my own defence I must say that I didn’t know I was organising a meeting for the same time of the match when I organised the meeting. The situation became even worse when the meeting went on longer than I was expecting and I missed the start of the second half. I phoned Alwyn at 6:55, there were about 20 minutes left.

Alwyn dropped the bombshell; Bangor City were losing 2-1. I hadn’t seen this coming, especially when I thought I heard cheering on the other end of the phone. As the conversation went on I realised my plans for Switzerland lay in tatters. Alwyn tried to sound hopeful, he told me that we were unlucky to be behind but I just knew it wasn’t going to happen. Alwyn promised to text me when the final whistle went.

By 7:15 there had been no text.

By 7:20 there had been no text.

By 7:25 there had been no text.

What did this mean, was it good or bad?

At roughly 7:30 the text arrived. We’d lost 2-1.

On the bright side, now that we’ve lost next week’s trip to Colwyn Bay is still on. Hurrah!!!, and indeed Huzzah!!!, for that.




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