You’ve either got style, or you haven’t. I haven’t got style, or have I?

7 07 2012

I left Llandudno several months ago. I went there today and was shocked by what I saw.

At roughly 11:40 am this morning I was savouring the prospect of a turkey & cranberry roll from Llandudno’s finest purveyor of filled rolls. As I queued for my lunch I became aware of the man in front of me. The sight of his outfir – espadrilles and jeans with elasticated bottoms – was so traumatising I nearly lost my place in the queue.

I’ve seen some crazy outfits in my time – I’ve been to London, rock clubs and all that – but I have never seen something so ridiculous worn in public. This idiot actually thought that it would be ok to leave his house looking like a refugee from 1983. As I walked the mean streets of north Wales’ premier overpriced seaside resort I noticed he wasn’t the only one, literally a dozen young men wearing the same combination.

When I saw a friend on Mostyn St. I told him of my amazement and he told me that I could buy the look in Top Man. I went to Top Man and saw my friend was right. It was the same story in River Island.

Llandudno, I leave you for a couple of months and look what happens. I wash my hands of you. I will be picketing the shopping area known Parc Llandudno forthwith!!! This travesty can’t continue. Sir Phillip Green must be stopped!! If Llandudno can manage to scrape together some dignity people will be permitted to join me.

While we’re on a stylistic bent. I bought one of these this week;

I can’t tell you how happy I am. I’ve been after that shirt ever since I watched Hero for the first time. This shirt joins my collection of authentic retro replica football shirts from the 1980s / early 1990s.

Anyway Llandudno, here’s what style looks like;

Denmark Euro ’84

Argentina Home Mexico ’86

Argentina Away Mexico ’86

France Euro’84

USSR Away Espana ’82

Milan 1991

Here’s my style advice to Llandudno, if you’re going to wear clothes with a 1980s feel, get with the programme, stop lining Sir Phillip Green’s pockets. Buy some authentic retro replica football shirts, you might like to source some proper trainers while you’re at it.



One response

8 07 2012
Jac o' the North (@JacotheNorth)

To be honest (and I do try) I’d never thought of football tops as fashion statements. I wear my Argentina (home) shirt when I feel like pissing off the English tourists. Never fails.

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