Like an unsullied canvas

4 07 2012

I was in Nantporth on Sunday morning and a feeling struck me; POSSIBILITY.

I looked at the freshly painted markings on the pristine pitch and realised that I was in the middle of the purest moment of the season.

There were 4 days until the start of Bangor City’s season, at this moment anything could happen………………….we could win on Thursday, we could go through, we could be playing BSC Young Boys in the Wankdorf in two and a half weeks, we could win the league at a canter, we could win the Welsh cup without conceding a free kick, never mind a goal, we could be out of the running for the league by Nov…… ahem, that’s enough of that talk young man.

I tried to capture the moment;

I looked at the seats and wondered about that word again; POSSIBILITY. The seats were draped in it, the terraces were covered by it, the club shop was…….. shut.

I gazed at the empty seats again, POSSIBILITY, POSSIBILITY, POSSIBILITY.

What will the people sitting in those seats behold over the following months? What fantastic sights will they behold? Which magical experiences will stir their emotions? How many flowing moves will cause adrenaline to course through their chests?

You can’t help but think of POSSIBILITY when inanimate object make hints about  glory;




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