And in other news; a box of new Bangor City shirts arrive!!!!!

9 06 2012

At half past seven yesterday morning someone rang my door bell. I thought “That’s odd” but the only thing I felt I could do was answer the door, so I answered the door.

The caller turned out to be a gruff bloke delivering boxes. I didn’t judge him because of this as I’d probably be gruff if I had to deliver boxes of meaningless rubbish at 7:30 am.

Just after I signed his electronic thingy the gruff bloke thrust a box in to my grasp, I still thought this was all a bit odd. Then I saw the word “MACRON” on the side of it and went from perplexed to happy beyond measure in nanoseconds; our new shirts were obviously on the inside. They were finally here!!! Things got even better when I opened the box; it contained home and away shirts.

Here’s the home shirt;

Because this is a new football shirt there was a glossy brochure featuring aspirational design statements. Here’s what the brochure said about the home shirt;

“The design team went through an exhaustive process to craft this shirt into being. For example, our fantastically skilled and ethically minded manufacturing team actually made each ventilation hole in the technically advanced side panels by hand………

…………..The material itself was developed in secret laboratories deep in the bowels of the University of Bangor…………

……………………In order to find a shade of royal blue that befits the civic history of the city of Bangor our top flight design team scoured the world. They flitted between markets, bazaars and branches of Poundstretcher but the exhaustive search was pointless because our design team chose a shade of royal blue that’s only found in north Wales; “St. Dyfrig’s blue”.

St. Dyfrig was born just inside Bangor’s city limits and St. Dyfrig is, was, and ever shall be the patron saint of “frustration at local authority planning regulations“. St. Dyfrig lays claims the name of a shade of blue because it’s claimed that he was the first person to utter the immortal phrase “I’ve complained ’til I’m blue in the face”. 

This shirt represents the most profound way that we could honour the memory of St. Dyfrig’s example……….

Here’s a close up of the collar;

The brochure tells us that the collar also signifies something important;

The collar detail signifies that Bangor City have new shirts.”

Here’s what the away kit looks like;

Here’s what the brochure says about the away kit;

“…….. We wanted to honour the history of Bangor City so we opted for the particular shade of red known as “St. Paul’s End Red”. This shade of red is known as “St. Paul’s End Red” because it was the exact shade of anti-vandal paint that Bangor City used on the wall at the back of the St. Paul’s End in Farrar Road………”

I’m really glad that the club decided to honour history like this because that particular anti-vandal paint ruined a rather good jacket of mine when I leaned against the wall at the back the St. Paul’s end.

In the brochure Macron include a link to a ten minute video clip. They claim that the clip highlights the painstaking process they employed to make our new shirt. I typed the address of the link into my computer’s address bar but the link doesn’t appear to work. I’m assume it looks like this one;




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8 08 2012
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[…] case you can’t read the photo, the page read; “According to one Llandudno blogger, the new away strip is St Paul’s End Red because it is the exact shade of the anti-vandal […]

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